Challenge Your Nail Art Halloween challenge, Day 2 – Pumpkin faces

Wow.  Any good feelings I had coming off of yesterday’s challenge went down the drain after today’s disaster.  As soon as I saw the mani that Jacki (from Adventures in Acetone) did for Lacquer Legion’s ‘After Dark’ theme a few days ago, I knew I wanted to try it.  And when better to do that than on a challenge day that celebrates Jack-o-lanterns?  Well, the better time would have been never.

Okay, maybe ‘disaster’ is a strong word.  But my faces are derpy.  That’s all there is to it.  I couldn’t even think of a better way to describe them, I’m so annoyed.  I was under no delusions that mine would look anywhere near as good as Jacki’s, but dang.  Just look at the one on my index finger!  The two middle ones look like they might be somewhat okay, but they aren’t quite enough to redeem this mani.




Not even adding a matte coat made it look good, although it is better.




Actually, the two middle fingers are looking kind of good now.  Maybe they are enough to redeem this… Huh.  It’s growing on me even as I write this post.  I really wasn’t expecting that.  Guess it’s not so bad.  Excluding the index finger, I’m actually sort of liking this now.  The ring finger especially looks kind of cool.  By the way, I put down a coat of FingerPaints Paper Mache and a coat of Seventeen Bright Orange for this, and painted out the details with Sally Hansen Black Out.

Wishy-washy feelings about my own mani aside, there are some pretty cool ones done by the other ladies of the group.  Be sure to check them out!


12 thoughts on “Challenge Your Nail Art Halloween challenge, Day 2 – Pumpkin faces

  1. I have no idea what you’re talking about–I think these are amazing! And I think you did it the hard way around, instead of drawing the face bits, to draw around the face bits (if that makes any sense, lol). I think they have a creepy edge, the minute I saw them, the song ‘This Is Halloween’ started playing in my head. We’re our own worst critics I guess…:)

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    • Thank you so much! I did definitely do it the wrong way around, but I was worried I would be able to get my orange to be bright enough over the black if I didn’t put it down first (even with white underneath). But I learned not to do it this way in the future. 😛 And oh my God, ‘This is Halloween’ has been stuck in my head for days now because of this challenge! I’m kind of getting tired of it, actually…


    • Yeah, I know I’m being hard on myself. It’s a character flaw. I’ve been told practically since elementary school that I need to stop being so critical of everything I do, but I have yet to break myself of the habit. Thank you for the vote of confidence though. These nails are starting to grow on me the more I look at the pictures and see the nice comments all of you guys are making. 😀


    • Thank you! I was, uh, a little tipsy when I was writing last night which probably had something to do with that change of heart mid-post. It actually amused me too when I went back and re-read it, which is why I decided to not change anything. And as I told Ali in my response to her comment, my overly-critical nature is something I’ve been trying to break myself of for well over a decade now, but I just can’t seem to shake it. So I tend to just let myself be as hard on myself as I like, then try and temper the criticism with good points. It’s a strange process, but it works for me 😛


    • Thank you so much! It’s a great confidence booster to see all of these nice comments about this mani. It really has grown on me, even if I’m still not fond of the index finger. And it’s one heck of a compliment to say that this is a good tribute to Jacki’s version, so thank you very much for that! 😀


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