Challenge Your Nail Art Halloween challenge, Day 4 – Halloween movie/TV inspired

It’s showtime!

That’s right kiddies, I’m ending this challenge with a bang, Beetlejuice style!  But as much as I love the movie (I own it and still watch it every time I see that it’s on tv), it was the cartoon that I really loved watching as a kid.  And occasionally as an adult.  So, instead of doing the raunchy movie Beetlejuice, I went with the animated Ghost with the Most and his goth gal pal.

I’ve of course got their iconic outfits–BJ’s black and white stripes and Lydia’s red spiderweb poncho–and tried my hand at their faces too.  Not such a range of colors today, just a lot of mixing and overlap.  There are probably too many to list, but I’m going to do it anyway:

Index- Kleancolor Black, FingerPaints Paper Mache

Middle – Revlon Bold Sangria (for the background on the face nails, since it’s like a darker version of Beetlejuice’s shirt in the show), Zoya Carey, FingerPaints Paper Mache, Kleancolor Pastel Yellow, Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass, Kleancolor Love Affair, and Maybelline Iced Queen, Sinful Colors Pistache, Flower Go With the Flow-er, Kleancolor Black

Ring – Revlon Bold Sangria, Zoya Carey, FingerPaints Paper Mache, Kleancolor Black, Maybelline Iced Queen, FingerPaints Millefio-Red

Pinky –  FingerPaints Millefio-Red, Kleancolor Black

And now if you’ve made it this far…

Though I know I should be wary,

Still I venture someplace scary;

Ghostly haunting I turn loose …

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!




Heh, I am having entirely too much fun with this.  But how can you not have fun with a Beetlejuice post?  I’m really in such a good mood thanks to how these turned out and it’s clearly showing in my post.  I’m sort of giddy, I’m so pleased.  I was so worried when I started that they wouldn’t look like the actual characters, but then when I put the top coat on and looked at the finished product…I can’t stop grinning.  I don’t remember the last time I liked my own nail art this much.  Or, ya know, maybe the Halloween spirit is infectious and I’m just enjoying the holiday. 😛 (Yeah, it’s probably that.  Even if I don’t have any candy…)

And as with the last two posts, I added a matte coat out of curiosity (and frankly, experience at this point).




Surprisingly, this is one of those rare occasions where I prefer the shiny to the matte.  Not that the matte doesn’t look cool too, but there’s something about the shine that’s appealing to me tonight.

So, despite the ups and downs, this was a really fun challenge!  Looking back, there’s only a single nail out of the four manis that I outright don’t like.  I definitely call that a good run! 😀


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