SIMPLES week 13-Skittled dotticure

Another SIMPLES mani today!  This one is another that doesn’t have a tutorial per se, but there are plenty of examples shown on Debbie’s post.  I went with a fairly straightforward approach (surprise surprise) and did different colored dots over the same neutral base color.  I even went with random dots instead of orderly ones this time!  Ya know, to go with the craziness of a multicolored skittle mani…

I used Flower Go With the Flow-er as my base, then did my dots with Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, Essie Come Here, Barry M Kiwi, and Kleancolor Neon Purple.




The quality of my photos makes me sad, because this was such a fun, vibrant look in person.  It still looks nice here, but the colors just don’t pop as well.  Once again Kiwi and my camera duked it out, and once again my camera was not victorious.  If you happen to have seen swatches of that color, then I’m sure you can imagine how awesome this must have looked in person!

I figured though, since my camera just wasn’t getting the vibrancy of the colors…why not make it matte?  Haven’t done that in a while!




This is so much better!  Kiwi still isn’t quite there, but I like it better in the matte version of this mani than in the shiny.  So yay, success!

I also somehow managed to actually get this done for Tuesday, so I’m linking up to 2-for-Tuesday again!


Blogger Bragger Autumn Nail Art Challenge, Week 2-Orange

Almost forgot about this one, but I managed to remember to post my orange nails for the Blooger Bragger Autumn Nail Art Challenge just in time!  Orange isn’t a color that I typically buy (even though there are plenty of gorgeous oranges out there), so my choices for an orange challenge were limited.

Instead of using my go-to orange (LynBDesigns Am I Ginger?), I decided to switch it up a bit and use China Glaze Orange Marmalade.  After putting on like four coats of that, I was stumped about what to do as my nail art.  After much deliberation, I decided to save dots for another time and used Zoya Louise and Pure Ice Jaguar to make chevrons/triangles on my nail tips.




Simple, but effective.  I’m not really sure if it’s the design or color combination, but I’m getting a retro feel from these, which is sort of fun.  Orange Marmalade was a nice choice for my orange.  It is much less intense than I thought it would be, in a good way.  I like it more every time I glance at it!


SIMPLES Week 12-Dots over splodging

Another post for the SIMPLES Facebook group!  We’re now on lesson number 12, and this is the first week that Debbie has us combining techniques we have learned in the past.  There was no tutorial video this week since we have already learned the individual techniques, but she did give written tips on making a dotticure over a saran wrap or splodged base.

I chose a splodged base for my nails.  I actually liked it so much that I wore it for a couple of days before I added my dots.  FingerPaints Paper Mache acted as my white background, and I splodged with combinations of Paper Mache and Zoya Carey, and Paper Mache and Barry M Kiwi.  Kiwi didn’t photograph very well, it’s actually more vibrant and a bit darker in person, if that makes sense.  It looks very green here, and while it does lean heavily towards green in person, it is definitely a teal in my books.




I eventually did get around to adding the dots, and yet again tortured myself with orderly dots.  I apparently like them much more than I want to admit, because I keep coming back to them.




I like this dotticure.  Like, not love.  I had some major issues with placement and size of the dots, so it is actually very messy.  The sheer number of dots hides most of the mistakes though, so the overall look is pretty.  I really wish that my camera had captured Kiwi properly though, because it is definitely the best part of this mani.  I think that once I have this dorm room organized, I’m going to need to change my current light setup.  Maybe then I can actually get my colors to photograph correctly.

Oh, and guys!  This is my first time doing it, but I’m linking this post up to My Stunning Nails’ 2-for-Tuesday!  I have wanted to do it before, but it surprisingly rare for me to post on a Tuesday.  Lisa does some pretty cool stuff and also runs the Blogger Bragger group, which is hosting the Autumn Nail Art Challenge that I am currently participating in.  Go check her out if you haven’t already!

Dragonspell melted my gold!

Yeah, I know, corny post title.  But in my defense, it’s been a while since I had one!

Anyway, you know how I mentioned way back in August that I had bought a bunch of ALIQUID Lacquers and that one day I would show them all off?  Well, that’s still not happening because, as it turns out, they are all really pretty and instead of swatching and removing, I end up wearing the polishes for days each.  But, a few days ago I decided to wear Dragonspell, and it’s such an unusual polish that I wanted to do some nail art on top of it.  I’m not quite sure what made me choose to use gold, but I knew from the start that I was going to do paint drips/slime.  Then as I was working on the second one I realized…I just put gold paint drips on top of a dragon-themed polish.   Molten gold!

First off, here’s Dragonspell.  It is described as a “hypnotizing amber jelly polish with gold flakes and green shimmer.”  I love the green shimmer.  It was hard to see without any sunlight in this dreary country, but I did enjoy a nice surprise whenever I managed to find it.  What surprised me most about this was that it only needed two coats!  I really shouldn’t be surprised by that at this point, but I honestly though it was going to take about four.  I did a third coat for the heck of it, of course, but it really did only need two.






And now for the nail art.  I used Kleancolor Gold Bright for the molten gold, and that’s all she wrote.




Not my best work ever, but after making the connection between ‘dragon’ and ‘gold,’ I have to admit I like it.  Besides, how could I not like nail art done over Dragonspell?  It is seriously an awesome polish.  I’ve been amazed by all of the ALIQUID polishes that I have tried so far, but this one really stands out to me.  It is completely unique and I am so glad that I bought it.

Blogger Bragger Autumn Nail Art Challenge, Week 1-Red

I’m baaaack!!

Whew, it took a lot longer than I expected to get settled into this tiny little dorm room.  And I’m not actually fully settled yet, since my polishes are covering my desk, but I thought that I have been away for long enough.  I am back today with a new challenge: the Blogger Bragger Autumn Nail Art Challenge.  It stretches across October, November, and December, and offers up a weekly color prompt that must be completed by that week’s Saturday.  Sounds fun to me!

Because I’m not fully organized just yet, I thought it would be best to ease into things with some fairly simple nail art.  Anyone who knows me knows that that means dots.

So I searched through my reds, and found a little Kleancolor gem called Jewelry Red.  I had no idea that I even owned a red like this.  It’s gorgeous!  And I don’t even usually like reds!  My problem here though was finding a polish that would go well with it.  I wanted to stick with traditional autumn colors–since, ya know, autumn challenge–but that meant a brown, orange, or yellow/gold.  I don’t buy a whole lot of those colors, so my choices were limited.  I finally decided on Kleancolor Gold Bright.  Good choice?  I think so.





It doesn’t show quite so much in these pictures, but I guess there was some red on my top coat’s brush or something, because red was smeared on top of the gold.  I couldn’t even get mad about it, because the orange tint that was made looks better than the straight up gold.  The dots are not my best, but I forgive myself since it’s been a while since I have done orderly dots.  (Why do I keep doing them even though they frustrate me so?)