Blogger Bragger Autumn Nail Art Challenge Weeks 5 and 6-Blue and Purple combo

Hey all!

I had pretty much decided that I was going to give up on the Blogger Bragger Autumn Nail Art Challenge since I seem to have problems keeping up with a weekly challenge–which is weird since I can handle daily challenges just fine.  So I had intentionally skipped last week’s ‘blue’ prompt, but then realized today that I hadn’t posted anything in over a week.

I was already wearing OPI’s OPI…Eurso Euro on my nails from last week’s Bonfire Night formal, so I thought I could pick up the challenge again, even if it once more meant being a day late.  I honestly have not been feeling well though, so I thought I’d do something extraordinarily quick and simple to just get it over with.  I used Kleancolor Sparkle Purple for a glitter gradient attempt on most of the nails.  On the accent nail I used a fan brush and Kleancolor Love Affair and China Glaze Gothic Lolita.





Yeah…not my best work ever.  But it’s something at least.  I don’t really have much to say other than I’m disappointed by the lack of effort I put into this, even if I have been feeling ill.  The colors are pretty though!  I love blues and purples, especially together.

But for next week, I swear I will get something done by the deadline!  I don’t even really like the color pink, but I will make sure that I am somehow motivated by it!

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