Challenge Your Nail Art Fall-ing for Nail Art theme, Day 3-Fall colors

Well, today’s nail art is sort of interesting.  I chose to go out to eat after ‘work’ today instead of coming back to my dorm room to do my nails, so I sort of just threw something on about an hour ago.  The original idea was to do what I did on my accent nail for all of them, but I defaulted to normal ruffian nails for the rest because I’m lazy and full of good Indian food and want to go to sleep. 😛

Now this accent nail was inspired by the ruffian style, but also by the turkey feathers you see on nail art all over the place this time of year.  My colors were ALIQUID Lacquer Petoskey Stone, ALIQUID Lacquer People of the Three Fires, and Revlon Parfumerie Italian Leather.  I wanted something shimmery today, and I think my choices work pretty well together.  That was a chore, let me tell you!  I have surprisingly few shimmer polishes in fall colors that work well together.




(And here’s one with flash, just to see the shimmer a bit more.)


So, the verdict…The accent nail is kind of weird, but I actually like it.  It looks better in person than in the photos though, unfortunately.  And I’m really glad that I did go for shimmers, because I don’t think the effect would have been as nice with flat cremes/jellies. 🙂

Tomorrow is the last day of this month’s challenge, and we’re ending it with traditional Thanksgiving images!

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