CYNA 12 Days of Christmas, Day 1-Snowflakes!

Well, since things with the Challenge Your Nail Art group are a little different this month, the next challenge is already upon us!  Instead of a handful of daily prompts at the end of the month, we’re doing 12 days of Christmas/winter themed prompts every other day from today until the 23rd.

As you can see, today’s prompt is snowflakes.  Is it weird that the first thing that came to mind was Doctor Who?  Maybe not, if you consider the fact that I saw these photos on my phone the other day.  I had almost forgotten that I made these for my sister last year!

20131219_125523  20131219_125448  20131219_125556

20131219_125641  20131219_125547

There were a couple more, but I think you get the point.  I wanted to do Doctor Who snowflakes on my nails.  Nothing less would do for this prompt.

So, using ellagee Trenzalore as a background color, I painted fragments of some of these designs using FingerPaints Paper Mache.  Then because I didn’t want to do Adipose and failed spectacularly at both Cybermen and sonic screwdrivers, I used the same colors, plus Sally Hansen Black Out and OPI OPI…Eurso Euro to make a little scene with a snowy TARDIS.





Not quite what I originally intended, but I really don’t care because these are kind of awesome!  I’m glad I decided for a return to nerdiness for the start of this challenge.  It’s been too long, and these turned out pretty dang well.  I can’t even figure out which of the three snowflakes is my favorite, I’m so happy with how they all turned out!

Definitely worth all the trouble.  I think I might do a nerdy spin on a few more of the prompts now.  Maybe not tomorrow’s, but anyone who knows Doctor Who probably knows what I’m thinking for Day 3. 🙂

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