CYNA 12 Days of Christmas, Day 3-Snowmen!

Whoo!  Yay for another last minute challenge mani!  I didn’t get started on this until pretty late in the evening, but here are the Doctor Who snowmen nails that I alluded to on the first day of the 12 Days of Christmas challenge!

I used OPI I Don’t Give a Rotterdam as my base color, but then also sponged FingerPaints Paper Mache, Essie Luxeffects Pure Pearlfection, and Rotterdam to lighten the color up a bit (and make it shiny!).  The black facial details were made with Sally Hansen Black Out.





Most of these snowmen didn’t turn out quite right, but I really like how the one on my index finger looks.  Not that the others are bad, except the background one on my ring finger…it looks like he’s really happy instead of really creepy.  The thing on my pinky is a creepy snowflake btw.  It’s supposed to look something like this:

As much as I like these, I almost wish I had gone for a more traditional snowman character, like Frosty or that snowman from the Rudolph movie (you know, the narrator one with the green waistcoat that sort of scooted everywhere?).  But oh well!  I might go less geeky on another day’s challenge (but no promises).

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