CYNA 12 Days of Christmas, Day 7-Red and green

Huh. Late again.  I don’t even have a good reason this time.  I just sorta…feel asleep after I ate supper.  That sentence makes me feel like the laziest person in the world, but there ya go.

Anyway, today is Day 7 of the Challenge Your Nail Art 12 Days of Christmas challenge, and that means the classic combo of red and green!  I was originally going to do some wreaths, but then realized it might be a good idea to keep those in reserve for tomorrow.  So instead, I kept things relatively simple and did a plaid accent nail.

My colors were Kleancolor Red, Kleancolor Silver Spark, and my unnamed green.





I really liked how this turned out!  Some of my lines were a bit thick, but you don’t really notice unless you’re really staring at it.  My green does look a bit dark though, and I worried that there was just too much red and not enough green.  So I also added Kleancolor Holiday Jingle on top of my red nails.




So what do you think?  Glitter or no glitter?  I think I still prefer it without, but it does look nice with it too.

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