CYNA 12 Days of Christmas, Day 8-Christmas decorations

Well, I am definitely not late with today’s prompt!  I am posting this at 5 in the morning because I’m going to be travelling all day and wouldn’t get a chance to post otherwise.  But I’ll be back in Florida before midnight, and that makes being up this early totally worth it!  Plus, ya know, I’ve got a massive amount of nail mail waiting for me at home, which I’m looking forward to almost as much as seeing my family and pets. 😛

Since today’s prompt is Christmas decorations, I had meant to try and paint one of those completely overdecorated homes, with lights everywhere.  But 3am is not a good time for trying intricate nail art, so I dialed it back a bit.  I used ALIQUID Lacquer Nightingale’s Song as my background color, then used FingerPaints Paper Mache, OPI A-Piers to be Tan, Maybelline Color Show Electric Yellow, Kleancolor Red, and Essie Luxeffects Pure Pearlfection to make my little cabin with Christmas lights.




Things didn’t work out right though, and because my strings of lights are a little too thick, this looks more like a gingerbread house than a house with lights.  But that’s still okay because gingerbread houses definitely count as Christmas decorations.  If I had been more awake I might have cared to try a bit harder, but I’m happy with how this turned out considering my lack of sleep.

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