CYNA 12 Days of Christmas, Day 9-Glitter

Glitter!!!  I love glitter, but it tends to not be my first choice whenever I reach for a polish just because it’s so difficult to remove.  I usually use Elmers glue as a base coat if I wear a lot of glitter, but that’s hit and miss because some glitters will crinkle up if you use it (China Glaze Ruby Pumps, for example).  So glitter is just a pretty pain in my rear, but today’s prompt gave me an excuse to have to deal with it and for that I am glad.

Even so, I decided not to go overboard today.  I knew for a fact that I wanted to use CrowsToes Making Christmas, I just didn’t know what I wanted to do with it.  After reviewing the next few prompts to make sure I didn’t do anything that could be used for those days, I realized that I hadn’t yet done Christmas ornaments, and probably wouldn’t if I didn’t do them today.  So using China Glaze Gaga for Green, Sinful Colors Pistache, and my unnamed green, I made a ‘tree’ background.  Making Christmas and Kleancolor Silver Spark were used for the ornaments themselves.




I realized after the fact that I should have put a white coat down as a base for the glitter, but oh well.  I still love how these nails turned out.  And they were so dang easy to paint!  Definitely happy with today’s mani.  Making Christmas is such a pretty glitter too.  It’s a shame that I’ve only used it twice.  Maybe I’ll try to use it again before the Christmas season is over.

Not tomorrow though.  Because tomorrow is ugly sweater nails.  I have no clue what I’m going to do.  It’s kind of a tough prompt!

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