Nail mail!!

I posted my CYNA Day 8 mani very early on the 15th because I thought I’d be travelling on that day, but it turns out that I had the day of my flight wrong, and so I didn’t get back home to the US until last night instead.  I had been awake for somewhere in the neighborhood of 36 hours and really should have just immediately crashed, but when I walked into my bedroom I saw this:

nail mail-1

Aside from the big Amazon box in the back, all of those packages were full of nail polish.  And I knew that.  I got very excited.  Instead of going to sleep, I spent an hour unpacking everything and admiring all of my purchases.  So many pretties!  I don’t know how to choose which one to use first.

nail mail-4

I’ve got representatives from Pahlish, Colors by Llarowe, ALIQUID Lacquer, NerdLacquer, Gothic Gala Lacquers, Sweet Heart Polish, Paint Box Polish, SquareHue, and LynBDesigns and ended up with 62 bottles of polish (plus a cuticle oil).  And out of all of those polishes I only had one casualty!  It was Why Meddle? by LynBDesigns.  It tried to take down a few others with it, but they only obtained mild injuries.  So really, I have 61 bottles instead of 62.

nail mail-2

nail mail-3

So…any advice on how to choose which one to use first?


EDIT 12/18/14:

As per Millie’s request in the comments, here’s a complete list of everything in the picture.

Pahlish Mad Man With a Box

Colors By Llarowe Penny for Your Thoughts ; Black Gold, Texas Tea

ALIQUID Lacquer ? (a mystery polish) ; Puppy Love ; Forever and a Day

NerdLacquer Exterminate ; TDBSLWCHSHITD ; Crunchy Frog

Gothic Gala Lacquers Lili St. Cyr ; Vallis Sanguine ; Patina ; S. F. Take 2

Sweet Heart Polish Hyacinth ; Ameniphus ; Oasis of Ahm-Shere ; Turkey Day 2014 ; Scarab Shells

Paint Box Polish A Dragon Is Not A Slave ; Northern Lights ; Pygmy Puffs ; Acid Pops ; Sugar Spun Quills ; I Am Fire

SquareHue Cañon Drive ; Wilshire Boulevard ; Na Prikope ; Vaclavske Namesti ; Sampokeskus : Parizska ; Revontuli ; Joulupukin Pajakyla ; Rodeo Drive

LynBDesigns Absolutely Absolem ; Okay? Okay ; Whimsically Inventive ; Ragdoll ; Fishing With No Bait ; All Holo’s Eve ; I’m Not Myself, You See ; Meretricious ; Double Bluff ; Defender of the Downtrodden ; Black Friday Blues ; Phenomenal Cosmic Powers ; Wild and Sweet ; Nightmare Revisited ; Seize the Day, Boys ; I Heard the Bells ; This Is Halloween ; M’Lady’s Prerogative ; Fun With Flags ; From Night to Day ; Old Familiar Carols ; Dinah ; Unbroken Song ; England Would Fall ; I Am Beyond Impropriety ; However, Whatever, Whenever ; The Credible Hulk ; Tasting the Stars; (plus the cuticle oil B-Moisturized in Peach, and the broken Why Meddle?)

And that’s everything!  A few of those were LE that I got with Black Friday orders, and I honestly was surprised by two of them.  I’m not sure if I knew I’d be getting a LE from Sweet Heart and then forgot about it, but seeing five polishes when I opened that package confused me before I saw the name ‘Turkey Day 2014’.  And I knew I’d be getting two extra LynB polishes (Wild and Sweet ; I Heard the Bells), but that third (Black Friday Blues)…well, I somehow crossed the $75 mark without realizing it.  That’s right, I honestly did not know that I spent over $75 because I stopped paying attention after I reached the $50 mark.  How careless is that?!  Still, it all turned out for the best, I guess.  I can add another LE to my collection thanks to that carelessness. 😛



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