CYNA 12 Days of Christmas, Day 10-Ugly sweater nails

Today was not fun.  Although, I can say that I succeeded in creating ugly sweater nails.  Well, okay, they’re not that bad, they’re just not what I wanted to accomplish.  I thought about doing Doctor Who nails again because it’s such an easy fandom to use for Christmas nails, but since someone else had already done them by the time I sat down to do these, I decided to do something else.  And instead of searching for a relatively easy sweater design, I used one that my aunt posted to my Facebook wall (timeline?) a while back.

I started by using one of my new polishes–SquareHue Revontuli–for my background green.  It’s a beautiful dark green suede polish with just a touch of shimmer in it and is almost perfect for a Christmas green (just a little too dark, in my opinion).




I then did the sweater design using Sinful Colors Happy Ending, 17 Mini Skirt, and SquareHue Joulupukin Pajakyla.




To be honest, I just didn’t put enough effort into details.  I meant to carry the more traditional ‘ugly sweater’ elements over onto my other nails, but after being told that my dachshund looks like a Scotty dog, I just lost steam and didn’t care to finish the nails I had already started, much less the other two.  Does anyone else miss the days when your parents were obligated to lie and say your work is great just because you’re their kid?

I personally think my weiner dog looks like it’s supposed to.  It’s actually my favorite part of this nail art.  Maybe because I actually did try to do it well. 😛  In retrospect though, I do wish I had just gone with Doctor Who.  My sister even has a sweater I could have used for inspiration.  And at least I know Doctor Who nails art is usually successful.

Anyway, I’ll hopefully have my head back in the game for the next prompt.  The penultimate theme for this challenge is ‘presents’ and I haven’t decided yet if I want to do something intricate or if I want to keep it really simple.

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