LynBDesigns Holiday Trio

*Just a warning, this post is kind of picture heavy!*

The Challenge Your Nail Art 12 Days of Christmas might be over, but there are still two more holiday posts that need to be made before I can consider the season over with.  Since today is Christmas Eve, I thought it necessary to have a holiday post that wasn’t blatantly all about Christmas nail art (that will be for tomorrow’s post).  So I have decided to show off LynBDesigns Holiday Trio.

I painted my nails with the first of the three–From Night to Day–a few days ago, and it is what prompted me to make a post about the trio.  I had seen swatches before, and heard that it was an absolutely gorgeous polish, but I’ll admit to not having fully believed those comments until I saw the polish on my own nails.  It was magnificent.  Seriously.  It’s a dark purple linear holo polish that is opaque in 3 coats.




Now, this is a classic case of me not having proper lighting for my photos, so these shots don’t capture the beauty quite as well as they could.  But trust me, if you ever wanted to buy a wonderful purple holo, From Night to Day is the one you want.  It was so easy to apply too, which is usually the case for LynB polishes.

And is in fact the case for the next one I swatched too.  Up next is my favorite of the bunch, which surprised me because I didn’t think anything could beat out From Night to Day.  But this one, Old Familiar Carols, is a mossy green linear holo, which the LynBDesigns Etsy page says also had gold flecks.  That explains the gold sheen at certain angles then, and the extra sparkle.  Just as with the last polish, I have on 3 coats here.






As you can tell from the sheer number of photos, Old Familiar Carols really caught my attention.  The shine was truly insane.  There was actually a little bit of sunlight today, so I was able to get some sunny shots, and they just made me fall in love with this.  I took a few pictures indoors too, just to compare.




The gold seems very noticeable indoors and the green looks a little more olive than moss, but it’s still a very pretty polish.

The last of the trio is Unbroken Song, a red microglitter in a red jelly base, with additional red flecks.  Lots of red going on here.  It’s a very nice polish though, even if red isn’t usually my thing.  This one was also opaque in 3 coats.




This is truly a fantastic holiday trio, in my opinion.  It’s got the traditional red and green–with a little twist–but throws in a curveball with that purple.  I don’t regret this purchase in the least.

And as a bonus, here’s a little nail art I did while wearing From Night to Day.  It’s been a while since I did a straight up dotticure, and I thought it was a good way to use all three polishes together.




As pretty as all three were individually in photos, they just did not want to work together when I pulled my camera out.  From Night to Day is considerably lighter in these photos than it was in person, but oh well.  I sort of like how this little dotticure turned out.




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