Holiday gradient with a snowy scene

Merry Christmas!

I cannot believe that I’m actually making a post right now, since I’m currently dying from eating too much food today and just want to flake out and watch Big Bang Theory on the 65″ Smart TV my sister and I bought our mom for Christmas.  But I’m powering through the pain to deliver my last holiday nail art of 2014!

The nail art I did today was not, in fact, a recreation of the wreath/holly/mistletoe nail art that I did a few days ago (as I said it would be), but was instead more winter-themed than Christmas.  I started with a silver and blue gradient with LynBDesigns I Heard the Bells and All Holo’s Eve.  Even though I Heard the Bells is technically described as a holo topper, I was able to build it up pretty well.  Here it is with 4 coats.




And just for kicks, here’s the gradient on its own, first without flash and then with (for the last three photos).





Now for the nail art itself.  Since the gradient looked like a snowy sky, I painted some little snow-covered trees with 17 Mini Skirt.  Then to make an accent nail, I added a snowman to my index finger with Mini Skirt, Pure Ice Black Out, and Sinful Colors Cloud 9.  Again, first picture is without flash, the other three are with.





To be honest, I wish I had left the snowman out.  My sister liked it, but I thought it didn’t fit with the trees very well.  Still, I kind of liked this mani.  It was a nice end to holiday nails for the season.

I’ll be heading to my grandparents’ cabin in Georgia in two days, so I probably won’t be able to make any posts until I get back on the 2nd, since they don’t have internet up there.  So if I don’t post anything tomorrow or on the 27th (my birthday!), I’ll see you when I see you!


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