OPI tri-color nail art

Hello everybody!  I am in a surprisingly good mood considering I’ve decided not to follow through on the CYNA Winnie the Pooh nail art challenge.  Want to know why?  My missing suitcase was delivered to me yesterday!  That means all of the pretties that I thought were lost forever are now at home in my dorm room.  It was the task of unwrapping and organizing all of them that kept me too distracted to do nail art yesterday, so I just decided to move on to other things instead of playing catch-up.

That being said, this mani is actually one that I did back at the beginning of this month.  I used OPI You’re So Vain-illa, My Signature is DC, and Sorry I’m Fizzy Today.




These were sort of inspired by the braided nail art look, but then I decided I wanted asymmetrical triangles instead.  That basically just means that I wasn’t as paranoid about even tape placement as usual.  I like it how it looks.  And I really like the color combination.  I was also really impressed with the polish application.  Before buying the Coca Cola and Nordic collections, I didn’t really have many OPI polishes, so it always surprises me just how wonderful the coverage is.  With the tape and the great polishes doing the hard work, I didn’t struggle with painting this mani at all!


CYNA Winnie the Pooh challenge, Day 1-Bees and honey (*failure*)

Starting things off a little late in the evening tonight, but today is the first day of the Challenge Your Nail Art January challenge, which is based on Winnie the Pooh!  I never much liked Pooh Bear as a kid, but one of my younger sisters did, so I saw and heard enough of him to be able to get by in this challenge. Unfortunately, all of my nail art supplies are still missing thanks to that lost suitcase, so I have only one brush to work with.  And it’s in awful shape.  So this challenge is probably going to be as simple as I can possibly make it.  For today’s ‘bees and honey’ prompt, I used Flower Go With the Flow-er, Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass, Maybelline Color Show Electric Yellow, and a black permanent marker to make some ‘hunny’ pots.  I also added a little bee with Sunlit Grass, Essie Blanc, and the marker. CYNA-Winnie-the-Pooh-Day-1-Bees-and-Honey So…these turned out okay before the top coat happened.  My ‘paint drips’ are getting better at least.  I guess I could have tried harder even with limited supplies, but oh well.  My verdict is that I don’t hate these (again, pre-topcoat) but I don’t love them either.  And I’ll tell you what else I don’t love.  A England The Shield (topcoat).  Maybe I’ll come to appreciate it in the future, but today all it did was smear everything.  And I typically wait at least ten minutes to dry before applying topcoat too.  The marker was obviously the main issue, but even my normal topcoat (Seche Vite) doesn’t smear permanent marker that badly. Anyway, tomorrow is going to be a bit more difficult to do with only one crappy brush, but here’s hoping I’m able to do something better with the ‘Woods’ theme!  Also crossing my fingers that The Shield will be better if I let everything dry for twenty minutes instead…

Nail mail? (+Girly Bits Darkly Dreaming)

Well it’s certainly been a while since I last made a post!  Christmas day, actually.  Things have been sort of hectic since then though, what with my trip to Georgia, squeezing in time with my family, then my trip from hell (otherwise known as my return to England).  Seriously though, that trip truly was awful.  Delay after delay, a missed flight, a re-booked flight to a completely different destination, a couple of train rides and, to top the whole thing off, a lost suitcase.

Now, the worst thing about that lost suitcase is that it actually held all of the polishes from the last round of nail mail that I posted, in addition to the nail mail that I really wanted to show off today.  They were the last little bit that I had gotten while in the US, plus the ones I had gotten for Christmas.  I’m completely scared that I’m never going to see anything from that suitcase again, because while it’s legal to put nail polishes in your checked baggage, it is not legal to airmail them overseas.  So if my bag is found and sent to me…well, customs could destroy everything.  And I had quite a bit besides nail polish in there too…

BUT!  I am trying to remain optimistic about the fate of my bag, so am going to show my newest pretties off regardless of their potentially dark future!



In no particular order, I have here two OPI collections (Coca Cola and Nordic), 5 Glam Polishes (Hakuna Matata, Helms Deep, Arctic Freeze, Frost Flower, and Whirlwind), and the first three polishes from SquareHue’s Decades Collection (Gibson Girl 1900, First Flight 1903, Victorian End 1909).  Plus a replacement for my broken LynBDesigns Why Meddle? which is something I was incredibly happy about!  Until, ya know, the suitcase it was in mysteriously vanished…

I also got a handful of polishes for Christmas, of course, courtesy of my mom.  Two Girly Bits Cosmetics polishes (Darkly Dreaming and Get Weaponized), four Darling Diva Polishes (Gypsy, Nightbird, She Had a Fat Ass Then, She Has a Fat Ass Now, and one Christmas-themed one I don’t know the name of (I think it might be Tis the Season)), and three Serum No 5 polishes (Burning Orchid, Light Speed, and Atomic Peach).


I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to try out too many of the polishes being mentioned here, so I’m seriously crossing my fingers that my bag turns up in the UK safe and sound.  One of the polishes I did get to try, though, was Girly Bits Darkly Dreaming.  It’s a dark green jelly with a copper shimmer, which I felt was appropriate to wear for my hunting trip back in December.  It was opaque at 3 coats, which is what’s shown here.





This is a gorgeous polish, and I really had no problems at all with application.  It was on my nails for about four days before I took it off, and the shimmer actually kept me pretty entertained while I was in middle-of-nowhere Georgia with no wifi.  Yeah, I have a short attention span. 😛

Sorry about the picture and complaint heavy post, by the way!  I promise the next post won’t be as long and filled with my stress. 😉