CYNA Winnie the Pooh challenge, Day 1-Bees and honey (*failure*)

Starting things off a little late in the evening tonight, but today is the first day of the Challenge Your Nail Art January challenge, which is based on Winnie the Pooh!  I never much liked Pooh Bear as a kid, but one of my younger sisters did, so I saw and heard enough of him to be able to get by in this challenge. Unfortunately, all of my nail art supplies are still missing thanks to that lost suitcase, so I have only one brush to work with.  And it’s in awful shape.  So this challenge is probably going to be as simple as I can possibly make it.  For today’s ‘bees and honey’ prompt, I used Flower Go With the Flow-er, Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass, Maybelline Color Show Electric Yellow, and a black permanent marker to make some ‘hunny’ pots.  I also added a little bee with Sunlit Grass, Essie Blanc, and the marker. CYNA-Winnie-the-Pooh-Day-1-Bees-and-Honey So…these turned out okay before the top coat happened.  My ‘paint drips’ are getting better at least.  I guess I could have tried harder even with limited supplies, but oh well.  My verdict is that I don’t hate these (again, pre-topcoat) but I don’t love them either.  And I’ll tell you what else I don’t love.  A England The Shield (topcoat).  Maybe I’ll come to appreciate it in the future, but today all it did was smear everything.  And I typically wait at least ten minutes to dry before applying topcoat too.  The marker was obviously the main issue, but even my normal topcoat (Seche Vite) doesn’t smear permanent marker that badly. Anyway, tomorrow is going to be a bit more difficult to do with only one crappy brush, but here’s hoping I’m able to do something better with the ‘Woods’ theme!  Also crossing my fingers that The Shield will be better if I let everything dry for twenty minutes instead…

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