Darling Diva + nail art!

Well, if you clicked on that rather boring post title, you’re in luck because this one is a good one.  Normally I would put the name of the polish I’m swatching in the title of the post, but this Darling Diva polish has such a long name I decided against it.  Plus some people might find it offensive (maybe?).  It’s called She Had a Big Ass Then, She Has a Big Ass Now.  I think it is, anyway.  The Darling Diva website lists it as Fat Ass instead of Big Ass, so I’m just going by what my bottle says. 😛

I got this for Christmas (because my mom is awesome and is occasionally an enabler) but am just now getting around to trying it out.  And like I said before, it’s a good one.  It’s a coral linear holo which supposedly has gold microglitters in it (I didn’t particularly notice them), and it was good to go in two coats.  This is one of the most intense holos I’ve tried out in a while.  And considering I mostly wear holos…well, that’s a pretty bold statement to make.  Although that intensity doesn’t quite show in these photos.  Go figure.





(And flash)


And because I can’t leave well enough alone, I did some simple nail art using OPI Sorry I’m Fizzy Today and Suzi Has a Swede Tooth.





Darling-Diva-coral-tape-mani-4I know I have a habit of saying this about every polish I try out, but I truly do love this polish.  Coral (in its many variations) is one of my favorite colors, and for this polish to be a holo too just makes it jump pretty high up on my list of favorite polishes.  If you like coral, I would definitely recommend finding this one.


Nail mail + Renaissance Cosmetics Flirt, Kensington, and Sex, Death & Rock ‘n’ Roll

Holy Jesus, I am so excited about this post.  I’ve been meaning to make it since I got back from Italy, but kept putting it off because I’m lazy.  But now I’m finally getting around to it and I get to show off my goodies!  A warning though, this post is incredibly picture heavy.  I couldn’t control myself.

I’m pretty sure all of these packages were delivered before my trip, but I didn’t pick them up from the porter until after my return.  A nice little treat to round out a very fun trip.  So let’s start off with my first delivery.  I ordered two grab bags–an indie and a holo–from the Crumpet’s destash sale back at the end of January.  Best destash haul I’ve ever gotten!  I ended up receiving so many brands that I’ve never tried before.

The indie bag had Darling Diva Polish Shop Till You Drop, Different Dimension Emily, Delush Polish Glamazon, and Pretty & Polished Private School.

Crumpet-nail-mail-indie-grab-bagSome bottle shots too!  Emily and Private School aren’t polishes that I would normally buy on my own, but I’m still excited to see how they look on my nails.  That red shimmer in Private School looks interesting.

Darling-Diva-Polish-Shop-Till-You-Drop-bottle-shot Different-Dimension-Emily-bottle-shot

Delush-Polish-Glamazon-bottle-shot Pretty-&-Polished-Private-School-bottle-shot

And here’s the holo grab bag.  Orly Miss Conduct, Pretty & Polished Crush, Smitten Polish The First Lobster, and Literary Lacquers 84, Charing Cross Road.


Orly-Miss-Conduct-bottle-shot Pretty-&-Polished-Crush-bottle-shot

Smitten-Polish-The-First-Lobster-bottle-shot Literary-Lacquers-84-Charing-Cross-Road-bottle-shot

Every time I look at the polishes in this haul, I am so thrilled.  Both bags were definitely worth the money.

And so was my next purchase, which just so happened to be my first ever Bespoke polishes from Pahlish.  I don’t tend to stalk releases unless I know there’s something I really really want, so it was a surprise to me that I actually did wait around for these two.  So here’s Sleep Under the Stars and Burning Branch.


Pahlish-Sleep-Under-the-Stars-bottle-shot Pahlish0Burning-Branch-bottle-shot

And last, but certainly not least, is a giveaway prize that I won in Squeaky Nails’ 2nd Blogiversary Giveaway.  There were five great prizes, and I happened to win the Renaissance Cosmetics one.  So I got three of her best-selling shades: Flirt, Kensington, and Sex, Death & Rock ‘n’ Roll.  I also got a bottle of Mango Papaya cuticle oil and a nice little card.  Let me tell you something, that cuticle oil smells fantastic, and I happen to hate mangoes with a passion.


Renaissance-Cosmetics-Flirt-bottle-shot Renaissance-Cosmetics-Kensington-bottle-shot Renaissance-Cosmetics-Sex-Death-&-Rock-n-Roll-bottle-shot

And of course since I won them in a giveaway, I thought it only fair that these three be the first of all of my new pretties to be tried out.  So first up is Flirt, what I would call a plum linear holo with a gold shimmer and different sized holo glitters.




(And with flash)


Being completely honest, I thought from my first glance at the bottle that I would hate this.  I’m not one to like glitters in my holos and so I thought they would ruin the overall effect.  I was SO WRONG.  This polish is absolutely stunning and was my favorite of the bunch.  Application was a dream too.  The formula was perfect and this only needed two coats.  Possibly could have done one thick coat if I had wanted to.

Next up was Kensington, which is the polish that I thought would be my favorite of the three.  It’s a light shade of purple, with a very strong gold/copper shimmer.  It also dries sort of suede, which I found interesting.


I personally like it a bit more with a glossy top coat though.  That shimmer is gorgeous!




Renaissance-Cosmetics-Kensington-5Application was great on this one too and it only needed two coats as well.  Although–and I might just be crazy and clumsy here–I think this one had a slower dry time.  For some reason it kept squishing far too easily at a point when Flirt was fine.  Still, a very pretty polish.

Last up is Sex, Death & Rock ‘n’ Roll.  It was another of those holo-glitter combinations that surprised me.  This one is a black holo with small holo glitters and a gold shimmer that is possibly even stronger than the one in Kensington.  It sounds like there’s a lot going on with it, but trust me it works.  This one was my second favorite.




Renaissance-Cosmetics-Sex-Death-&-Rock-n-Roll-4That gold shimmer sort of makes it hard to see the holo effect in pictures, but it is easier to see in person.  And even if it’s not, who cares?  The shimmer is beautiful on its own.  And pays homage to the platinum hair of Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who was apparently the inspiration for this polish.

And so there you have it!  An insane amount of pictures of my new pretties, plus some swatches of three amazing polishes by Renaissance Cosmetics.  A hell of a long post, but I had fun showing off all these new additions to my ever-growing collection!

St Patrick’s Day sideways French manicure

I am so excited!!  Not just because it’s St Paddy’s Day, but because I actually managed to not go another whole month without a post.  I’ll have to have a celebratory drink later tonight of course.

There are so many things that can be done for a St Patrick’s Day mani, but I wanted something really simple.  And since I had been wanting to try a sideways French for a while, the idea to do a rainbow was born.




I really ended up loving this, even if I had a bit too much space taken up by the ‘French tips’.  I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get all the colors for the rainbow in there, but I did.  And I’m thrilled.

The colors used for the rainbow are OPI Coca Cola Red, Kleancolor Neon Orange, Maybelline Color Show Electric Yellow, China Glaze Gaga for Green, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, OPI OPI…Eurso Euro, and OPI Do You Have This Color In Stock-holm.  ROYGBIV.

My background color is Paint Box Polish Acid Pops, and the green glitter is Paint Box Polish A Dragon Is Not A Slave.  That glitter, by the way?  Absolutely gorgeous.  I seriously thought about just scrapping this nail art and painting my nails with it alone.

Now, as happy as I was with this I thought maybe it needed a tiny bit more.  I didn’t want to go straight for shamrocks or clovers though.  Then I realized…what is supposedly waiting at the end of the rainbow?  Pot o’ gold of course!  So I brought out Sally Hansen Black Out and Pure Ice Jaguar and got to it.




Such a tiny little addition, but I think it makes the mani look so much better than it did before.  I also thought about adding a little leprechaun next to the pot, but liked the simplicity of this and didn’t want to ruin it.

So, thoughts?  Better with or without the pot of gold?

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum…

That funny thing was that I dropped off the face of the earth, apparently.  So, yeah, I took a trip to Italy!  I was only gone for a little over a week, but my blog sort of died in the weeks leading up to the trip.  Completely unintentional, but there ya go.  It’s also unfortunate that my nails took a major hit while I was gone.  Seven of them got broken!  Of course, the broken ones on my left hand have fortunately recovered by now.  Lucky they grow quickly!

Anyway, to celebrate the return from my trip I decided to do some Rome-themed nail art.  Well, Rome and Vatican themed.  Many, many polishes went into this frankly simple nail art.  Organized by brand:

OPI – You’re So Vain-illa, Going My Way or Norway?, Ice-bergers & Fries, OPI With a Nice Finn-ish

Kleancolor – Pastel Blue, Concrete Gray

LynBDesigns – Okay? Okay, Defender of the Downtrodden

Essie – Avenue Maintain, Limo-scene

Zoya – Carey

Flower – Go with the Flow-er

And now for the nail art itself!  I have the Pantheon, the Colosseum, and the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica.  Plus an ‘SPQR’ inspired by one of my tattoos, which is fitting because I saw those letters practically every time I looked at the sidewalk in Rome.




Not my best, but I think it turned out pretty good, considering I haven’t freehanded anything in over a month.  Actually, I’m happy with everything except the Colosseum, and that’s largely due to my having chosen an awkward angle to work with.  And also partially due to laziness…those arches are a pain!

And I wish I had better pictures for this, but I thought I’d show off my background polish too.  It’s LynBDesigns Okay? Okay, which is a sky blue holo.  Best part?  Easily a two-coater since it’s a creme.  Possibly one if you’re careful, but I’m not.





Now, these aren’t completely color accurate.  In person, the polish is a bit darker and the holo is very easy to see.  I’m sort of in love with it.  But then again, when do I ever not say that about a LynB polish?