CYNA All Things Blue challenge, Day 3-Windy Weather

Good afternoon, everybody!  Today’s prompt for the CYNA All Things Blue theme is ‘Windy Weather’ and is probably the prompt that I was most excited about.  My original idea was to have a cloud-guy blowing air across my nails, but after Googling ‘wind’ to get an image reference, I saw a tree with its leaves being blown off and the thought “I’m a leaf on the wind” immediately came to mind.  I sort of froze and had a “wow, I’m stupid” moment, and decided to take this nail art in a slightly nerdier direction.  I know it’s not strictly windy weather, but it’s close enough!  So, Firefly/Serenity nail art!

Once I started thinking about this idea, I realized I also have Lucky 13 Lacquer A Leaf on the Wind.  It was one of my earliest indie purchases, actually, and I got sort of excited to wear it for a challenge that fits it so well.  It’s a pretty sky blue polish with silver microglitters and small light green hexagon glitters.  I love it because it incorporates two of my favorite colors without being too in-your-face.  It was also good in 2 coats and despite sitting on my shelf for the year or so, I didn’t have to fish for glitters (which is a plus in my book because I didn’t even shake the bottle well).  I used Kleancolor Black and China Glaze Gaga for Green for art itself.





I almost made an attempt at adding Serenity to one of the nails, but then I looked at the two nails I had done, and I thought it would be a good idea to leave it as is (no pun intended).  In my opinion it’s a fantastic follow-up message to the autism awareness prompt from yesterday.  Plus I like the simplicity of it.

And just to show A Leaf on the Wind on its own, here are some swatch photos!




Seriously though, I like this mani so much that I think I’m going to wear it for a few days.  What a great way to finish off a challenge!

CYNA All Things Blue challenge, Day 2-Autism awareness

Hello all!  Because April is autism awareness month, it seems only fitting that one of the prompts for CYNA’s All Things Blue challenge is ‘Autism Awareness’.  The puzzle ribbon is the iconic image for autism awareness, and it combined with the blue theme gave me an opportunity to try out a technique I’ve been wanting to try for a while: interlocking dots.  So, using Sweet Heart Polish Turkey Day 2014 and LynBDesigns Absolutely Absolem I made my first attempt at an interlocking mani.




Not too bad for a first attempt!  Not perfect, but I like this technique.  It was so easy to do!  I hesitated on trying it for so long because I thought dot placement was going to be at least a little bit difficult, but it really wasn’t.  So this will happen again in the future.  It might be a better idea to use cremes though.  I always seem to shoot myself in the foot with holos, they never quite contrast enough for nail art.

Oh, these polishes are fantastic though!  Turkey Day 2014 applied beautifully and Absolutely Absolem is stunning!  I’ll have swatches of them up sometime early next month, hopefully.

Tomorrow is the last day of this month’s challenge, and the theme is going to be ‘Windy Weather’.  Not quite sure how that’s gonna go!

CYNA All Things Blue challenge, Day 1-April showers

I’m finally back with Challenge Your Nail Art!  I gave up on the Winnie the Pooh challenge back in February and the group took  a break in March, so it’s been a while for me.  This month the theme is ‘All Things Blue’ and the first day’s prompt is April showers.  Unfortunately, I already used up my creativity for the April showers prompt earlier this month on my running gradient rain, so I defaulted to raindrops for today.

I did try to come up with an interesting background though.  When I think of nice, calm spring showers, I think of rain hitting a tin roof.  I love that sound.  So on the accent nail I tried to make raindrops on a tin roof.  I used OPI My Signature is ‘DC’, OPI I Don’t Give a Rotterdam, and OPI Ice-Bergers & Fries, along with Seche Vite for the drops.  I chose Different Dimension Emily for the other nails, because its microglitters and light blue base just sort of remind me of a rainy spring day, in an abstract way.




I actually kind of like this, because I knew what I was going for here.  It might be a bit more difficult for anyone else to see it though. 😛  I do wish that my raindrops would have been a bit more 3D though.  Guess I didn’t let the Seche Vite get thick enough before using it.  Overall I don’t like it as much as my other April Showers nail art, but it is kind of fun.

Half-moon daisy nail art + NerdLacquer TDBSLWCHSHITD

Hello all!  I’ve been in a conference in Oxford for the past few days, so I almost completely forgot that I had to do some ‘spring flowers’ nail art for the NAIL April challenge!  But I remembered just in time, and churned out something real quick.

I saw some half-moon flowers on Adventures in Acetone not too long ago, and I thought it was a fun idea.  So I took that idea and ran with it.  The ‘daisy’ was made with a white Sally Hansen striper, Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass, Maybelline Color Show Electric Yellow, and Essie Limo-scene.  On the other nails I used NerdLacquer TDBSLWCHSHITD (The Dwarf Breathes So Loud We Could Have Shot Him In The Dark), a shimmery lime (not neon) green with different sizes of glitter in gold, white, green, and silver.  It was a little thin, but I really like how pretty it is.  It’s a great shade of green, in my opinion.






I’m not thrilled with the outcome here, but I don’t dislike it either.  I’m probably so indifferent because it’s a flower.  I don’t like flowers on my nails, and the only flower-related nail art I’ve actually done and really been proud of was when I did Flower from Bambi for the 31DC last July.  I wish that TDBSLWCHSHITD would have turned out better in the photos too, because it makes the mani look so much better in person.  The shimmer in that polish is amazing!

There’s only one prompt left in the NAIL April challenge, but since that runs until May 3rd, my next posts will be Challenge Your Nail Art’s April challenge, running from the 28th-30th.  The theme this month is ‘All Things Blue’ so it should be fun!

Pastel tape mani with Glam Polish

Hello all!  Today I have another mani for the April NAIL challenge and as I mentioned last post, the prompt for today is pastels.  I said I was going to do a watermarble and I did try, but because I was dead set on using three of my Glam polishes it was unfortunately a failure.  The polishes just weren’t good for watermarbling.  I suspected it before I even tried, but was stubborn enough to give it a go anyway.  On the plus side, now that I know the liquid latex I bought works really well when applied properly, I might not be so wary of trying watermarbling again soon.

So, switching gears, I just went to one of my defaults: a tape mani.  I opted for ‘rays’ more than actual stripes though.  The three Glam polishes I used were Arctic Freeze, Whirlwind, and Frost Flower (and I had FingerPaints Paper Mache as the white background on the accent nail).

I honestly don’t know what took me so long to use these polishes, but I am so glad I finally got around to it.  They’re so pretty!  I’m probably not going to properly swatch them, so I thought I’d just show them all off in this mani.  All of them are a touch darker in person than in the pictures, but the photo taken with flash is pretty close to being accurate.






Arctic Freeze has been described as mint by some bloggers, but for the most part it’s a little too dark on my nails for that.  I think it’s more of a mint-teal hybrid.  Seafoam green maybe?  Anyway, it’s a scattered holo with a pretty intense silver shimmer.  Frost Flower has the same holographic and shimmer effect but is a nice peachy color.  And finally, Whirlwind is a dense lavender microglitter, packed full of holo microglitters as well.  All of these polishes were good in two coats.

Now, these polishes are on the dark side but are still within range of what I personally would consider pastel.  And I even like how everything turned out, so I am counting this towards the NAIL challenge.  I’ve been wearing this for a few days now actually, that’s how much I like it.  I might even just keep it on my nails for the conference I’m going to next week.  Who knows?

‘April showers’ running gradient nail art

Hello all!  So I forgot to mention back in my Easter post that I’m trying out CraftyNails’ NAIL (Nail Art Ideas Linkup) prompts this month.  The Easter nails were a part of the linkup, and today’s ‘April showers’ inspired nail art is also one of the prompts.

I was originally going to try 3D water drops again since the last time I did them was back in July of last year for the OMD2 challenge’s outdoors prompt (wow, I was sporting some hideously long nails back then), but then had the idea to go a bit more abstract.  The running gradient is another technique that I’ve wanted to try again–the first time I tried it was during the 31 Day Challenge last year for the violet prompt–and so I thought I’d give it a go.

The idea was to make it look reminiscent of sheets of rain.  I used ellagee Trenzalore, LynBDesigns Okay? Okay, and ALIQUID Lacquer I’m Heading Strait to Mackinac for the gradient itself, and OPI Coca-Cola Red and a black Sally Hansen striper for the umbrella.






I’m not sure how successful this was at portraying April showers, but I like how it turned out regardless.  I can’t really say how the running gradient compares to my last attempt since they’re both pretty in my opinion.  I’m also very happy with the decision to use holo blues, because the shine is pretty awesome in person.

As you can see from the graphic at the beginning of the post, the next prompt is ‘pastels’ and will be posted by the 19th.  I’m looking forward to trying out a watermarble for this one, so we’ll see how that goes!


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  For today’s mani, I wanted the basic non-religious images of the holiday: bunnies and eggs.  So I ended up with an Easter skittle (the bunny was inspired by this picture I found on Pinterest).  This one uses tons of different polishes that I just don’t feel like listing today. 😛




Crafty-Nails-April-nail-art-linkup-Easter-nails-4This was originally supposed to be a recreation of that mani I linked to above, but the grass was a pain since my only opaque green is really dark.  So to avoid all the pain of building up polishes I switched gears, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.  Oddly enough, I think the very basic dotting on my ring finger is actually my favorite.

I hope everyone has been having a great day, whether you celebrate or not!