‘April showers’ running gradient nail art

Hello all!  So I forgot to mention back in my Easter post that I’m trying out CraftyNails’ NAIL (Nail Art Ideas Linkup) prompts this month.  The Easter nails were a part of the linkup, and today’s ‘April showers’ inspired nail art is also one of the prompts.

I was originally going to try 3D water drops again since the last time I did them was back in July of last year for the OMD2 challenge’s outdoors prompt (wow, I was sporting some hideously long nails back then), but then had the idea to go a bit more abstract.  The running gradient is another technique that I’ve wanted to try again–the first time I tried it was during the 31 Day Challenge last year for the violet prompt–and so I thought I’d give it a go.

The idea was to make it look reminiscent of sheets of rain.  I used ellagee Trenzalore, LynBDesigns Okay? Okay, and ALIQUID Lacquer I’m Heading Strait to Mackinac for the gradient itself, and OPI Coca-Cola Red and a black Sally Hansen striper for the umbrella.






I’m not sure how successful this was at portraying April showers, but I like how it turned out regardless.  I can’t really say how the running gradient compares to my last attempt since they’re both pretty in my opinion.  I’m also very happy with the decision to use holo blues, because the shine is pretty awesome in person.

As you can see from the graphic at the beginning of the post, the next prompt is ‘pastels’ and will be posted by the 19th.  I’m looking forward to trying out a watermarble for this one, so we’ll see how that goes!


One thought on “‘April showers’ running gradient nail art

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