Pastel tape mani with Glam Polish

Hello all!  Today I have another mani for the April NAIL challenge and as I mentioned last post, the prompt for today is pastels.  I said I was going to do a watermarble and I did try, but because I was dead set on using three of my Glam polishes it was unfortunately a failure.  The polishes just weren’t good for watermarbling.  I suspected it before I even tried, but was stubborn enough to give it a go anyway.  On the plus side, now that I know the liquid latex I bought works really well when applied properly, I might not be so wary of trying watermarbling again soon.

So, switching gears, I just went to one of my defaults: a tape mani.  I opted for ‘rays’ more than actual stripes though.  The three Glam polishes I used were Arctic Freeze, Whirlwind, and Frost Flower (and I had FingerPaints Paper Mache as the white background on the accent nail).

I honestly don’t know what took me so long to use these polishes, but I am so glad I finally got around to it.  They’re so pretty!  I’m probably not going to properly swatch them, so I thought I’d just show them all off in this mani.  All of them are a touch darker in person than in the pictures, but the photo taken with flash is pretty close to being accurate.






Arctic Freeze has been described as mint by some bloggers, but for the most part it’s a little too dark on my nails for that.  I think it’s more of a mint-teal hybrid.  Seafoam green maybe?  Anyway, it’s a scattered holo with a pretty intense silver shimmer.  Frost Flower has the same holographic and shimmer effect but is a nice peachy color.  And finally, Whirlwind is a dense lavender microglitter, packed full of holo microglitters as well.  All of these polishes were good in two coats.

Now, these polishes are on the dark side but are still within range of what I personally would consider pastel.  And I even like how everything turned out, so I am counting this towards the NAIL challenge.  I’ve been wearing this for a few days now actually, that’s how much I like it.  I might even just keep it on my nails for the conference I’m going to next week.  Who knows?

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