CYNA All Things Blue challenge, Day 1-April showers

I’m finally back with Challenge Your Nail Art!  I gave up on the Winnie the Pooh challenge back in February and the group took  a break in March, so it’s been a while for me.  This month the theme is ‘All Things Blue’ and the first day’s prompt is April showers.  Unfortunately, I already used up my creativity for the April showers prompt earlier this month on my running gradient rain, so I defaulted to raindrops for today.

I did try to come up with an interesting background though.  When I think of nice, calm spring showers, I think of rain hitting a tin roof.  I love that sound.  So on the accent nail I tried to make raindrops on a tin roof.  I used OPI My Signature is ‘DC’, OPI I Don’t Give a Rotterdam, and OPI Ice-Bergers & Fries, along with Seche Vite for the drops.  I chose Different Dimension Emily for the other nails, because its microglitters and light blue base just sort of remind me of a rainy spring day, in an abstract way.




I actually kind of like this, because I knew what I was going for here.  It might be a bit more difficult for anyone else to see it though. 😛  I do wish that my raindrops would have been a bit more 3D though.  Guess I didn’t let the Seche Vite get thick enough before using it.  Overall I don’t like it as much as my other April Showers nail art, but it is kind of fun.

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