May the 4th be with you!

Time to kick off a month of nerdy nail art with a dose of Star Wars goodness!  I’ve done manis for May 4th for the past two years, and I wanted to avoid repeats if I could.  Plus, I really wasn’t in the mood for anything intricate like my torsos from last year.  So I decided to try my hand at ships rather than characters this time!  Since, ya know, starships aren’t intricate at all…

I started off by making galaxies with Serum No 5 Lightspeed and Burning Orchid, Ulta Fuschiamania, OPI OPI…Eurso Euro, and Kleancolor Silver Glitter.




(Pardon the bad picture, but I couldn’t help wanting to show off the fact that it glows too!)


Honestly, I wasn’t really feeling up to doing my nails today and almost left things here (because I happen to love galaxy nails), but May 4th only comes around once a year and I decided I better damn well suck it up and power though it.

So, I made a star destroyer, the Millenium Falcon, a tie fighter, and an x-wing with Zoya Carey and Kleancolor Black and Concrete Gray.  I also had a little bit of Barry M Paprika to add a little bit of orange design to the x-wing, but that all disappeared when i had a little mishap with a top coat and had to touch things up.




These aren’t perfect, but I do like how they look.  Of course, it was only after I started painting the x-wing that I realized why I liked this ‘ships in space’ idea so much…I had used it before for my 31DC galaxy nails last July.  So much for no repeats.  Still, they turned out nice.  I especially like the tie fighter.  And the glow!  It looks so cool!

So, despite my odd lack of enthusiasm for May 4th this year, I think the month of nerdiness has started off pretty dang well!

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