Watercolor nails, inspired by The Giver

Hello all!  The OMD3 challenge starts tomorrow, but I’ve got one last June mani to post before then.  I recently joined the Polished Bookworms Facebook group, where we read a new book every month and make a mani inspired by what we read.  This month is my first time joining, and luckily it’s one of my favorite books: The Giver by Lois Lowry.  I guess I should warn for minor spoilers just in case.

I first read this book in third grade, and have read it at least a dozen times since.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time amidst all my work to re-read it, so I just went with one of the most memorable aspects for me.  You know all those Tumblr posts that challenge people to describe a color?  Well that’s basically what I remember most about this book.  In a monochromatic world, Jonas’ introduction to color is confused and throws things out of balance for him for those brief instances he sees flashes of a strangeness he doesn’t know how to describe.

And so that’s what I based my nail art on.  Stick with me here, it’s going to be a long explanation (or just skip to the pictures if you want).  Despite the completely ordered lifestyle of the community featured in the book, Jonas starts feeling out of sorts whenever he sees things he can’t explain or has a particularly unusual dream.  So even amongst the structure he faces on a daily basis, his own life doesn’t always quite fit into the mold.  And that’s why I chose to do chaotic color wipes–gray and white with added swipes of red on all but the accent nail.

The accent itself has an apple, which is where Jonas first notices something change from normal to different in a way he doesn’t yet understand, which we later learn in this case is him experiencing the color red.  I tried to make the red, white, and black on the apple all still appear to be bleeding together in a less-than-controlled way to show that even in this ‘perfect’ community, not everything can be contained.





So yeah, sorry about being so long-winded.  I just love this book–even 17 years after first reading it–and wanted to elaborate on my choices for this mani.  I didn’t do anything especially complex, but I felt it deserved a bit of an explanation.  I really love how it turned out, by the way.  I normally don’t like chaotic nail art, but I think this one is great. 🙂


Sushi nails!

Good morning everyone!

I’m trying to wrap up all of my June nail art ideas in anticipation of the OMD3 challenge in July, and I happened to remember that I wanted to make an entry for Joy Lacquer’s Sushi Mani Contest.  I’ve noticed that there are lots of great entries and I have no real hopes of winning, but it seemed so fun that I just couldn’t pass it up.

My favorite sushi almost always has salmon somewhere in it, so the majority of my nails revolve around that.  I’ve got salmon sashimi on my pinky, a salmon maki roll on my ring finger, wasabi on my middle (obviously!), and dotted tuna and salmon maki rolls on my index finger.  I happen to have had sushi a couple of days ago and had the wasabi left over, and thought it would be a fun 3D addition to this nail art.



Sushi-nails-3These are far from perfect, but I kind of love them.  I was most excited about trying out the roll I did on my ring finger, but I actually ended up liking the rolls on my index finger the best.  They literally took maybe five minutes and look like such tasty little sushi rolls!  These pictures were also taken before I applied a top coat, by the way.  I really liked how the textures looked, especially for the seaweed.

Here’s a picture with top coat.  Not quite as cool, right?


And that’s that!  I cannot believe that I love my sushi nails so much!  Although I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering how much I’m obsessed with actual sushi…



CYNA Candy challenge, Day 5-favorite candy

And now I’m caught up on the challenge!  My favorite candies are Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish and since both have yellow packaging and (some) red candies, today’s mani was another simple red and yellow look, like the Fireball/Lemonheads one from the other day.

So my only polishes were Maybelline Color Show Electric Yellow, Kleancolor Red and a little bit of FingerPaints Paper Mache for mixing.




I’m loving all these simple designs I’m doing for this challenge!  This one turned out really well, in my opinion, and there’s barely anything to it!  Maybe I like it so much just because it shows off my favorite candies?

For the heck of it, I also added some sugar to the Sour Patch Kid.  I don’t like it as much, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to show it.  It does make it more true to life, since you can never actually see the details of those things for all the sugar!



And that’s it for this month’s challenge!  There won’t be one next month, since Oh Mon Dieu is making a comeback again this year.  I probably won’t keep up with all 31 days of that, but I’m sure gonna try.


CYNA Candy challenge, Day 4-3D candy nails

Good evening everyone!  I’m a day late with this one, but I was unfortunately a bit too busy yesterday to do the 3D candy nails I wanted to do (Candy Crush nails made with rhinestones).  Instead, I took a page out of Monica Sengupta’s book and tried sugar spun nails.  She does them really well, and has done them twice for this challenge (here and here).  I love hers, but trying to do them myself was a huge pain in the butt!

But, I tried anyway.  I wanted mine to look like a variety of chocolate truffles, so I used Zoya Louise, OPI Ice-bergers and Fries, FingerPaints Paper Mache, and Essie Limo-scene as my polishes.




They don’t look as good as Monica’s, but they’re not bad at all for a first attempt.  Of course, they would have looked better if I hadn’t smashed two of them right before I took the photos. 😛  You can also tell where I got a bit frustrated at times and actually touched the dotting tool I was using onto the nail.  I kind of like the clumpy parts though, since you see that on drizzled chocolate truffles a lot.  All in all, I do like this mani.

I’m going to have to try my hand at this again some time though, because it is a really cool effect even if this attempt was a bit annoying.


CYNA Candy challenge, Day 3-Hard candy

Today’s CYNA Candy prompt was a tough one for me.  Hard candies don’t always lend themselves to being the prettiest or most unique candies around, with the notable exceptions of lollipops and rock candy.  And to be honest, lollipops didn’t even register in my mind as ‘hard candy’ until I saw Nidia’s (from Lit From Within) lollipops for today.  And using King Bumi and his rock candy didn’t occur to me until I sat down to write this post.  (Avatar reference, for those of you who didn’t recognize the name.)

So, struggling to come up with an idea, I decided to try and remember some of my favorite childhood hard candies.  Atomic Fireballs and Lemonheads immediately came to mind.  Our local hardware store always sold them individually wrapped, and you could just stick your hand in this big plastic tub and pull a few out.  Or I could generally find some just sitting on my dad’s dresser. 😛

I kept my interpretations of these candies incredibly simple.  I used FingerPaints paper Mache, Essie Russian Roulette, and Maybelline Color Show Electric Yellow to do a random dotticure inspired by the colors of Atomic Fireballs and Lemonheads.




Honestly, I don’t know what’s going on with my top coats lately, but they are all smearing like a bitch.  Luckily today it wasn’t so bad, because I genuinely like this.  It probably hasn’t actually been too terribly long, but it feels like forever since I did a dotticure.  And I love dotticures, even ones as bright as this.  Almost as much as I love Fireballs.

Btw, has anyone ever tried dropping an Atomic Fireball into Fireball whiskey?  I have.  I don’t advise it.


CYNA Candy challenge, Day 2-Chocolates


Yep, this guy inspired my nail art for today’s CYNA Candy prompt.  If you don’t know him (I don’t know anyone who doesn’t), this is a guy from Spongebob Squarepants who is obsessed with chocolate.  Scarily so.  He seemed like a good way to go with this mani.





Well, he seemed like a good idea until I actually tried painting him.  He was a lot more difficult than expected.  The one on my nails seems more like he’s mildly excited than completely manic.  But he at least looks like a Spongebob character, so I don’t really care if he’s not quite right.  At least I got to try out Too Fancy Lacquer Lake Como, which acts as my gorgeous background color.

CYNA Candy challenge, Day 1-Candyland

Good morning everyone!  Today’s Challenge Your Nail Art prompt is Candyland, and there is sooo much that could be done with that!  Candyland was my favorite board game when I was little, and my sister and I used to get so mad when the other pulled Queen Frostine or Princess Lolly’s cards.  So since Princess Lolly was one of my favorite characters way back when, I used her as inspiration today!

I based the nails off of her dress and hair/crown, with a funky french tip of the game board for three of the nails.  I used Maybelline Color Show Electric Yellow and Essie Under Where? for my base colors, and for the details used Essie Russian Roulette, Colour Carnival by 17 Bright Orange, Kleancolor Tangerine Burst and Neon Purple, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, Maybelline Color Show Iced Queen, Sinful Colors Exotic Green, Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass, and FingerPaints Paper Mache.  (Ya know, one of these days I’m going to get out of the habit of listing all of the polishes I used…)




I really like these!  I was a bit iffy on the hair and crown as I was doing them, but they turned out alright.  But I love the dress nails!  Doing the board spaces was a last minute decision, and I’m glad I went with it.  It’s sort of a reminder that this is Candyland nail art. 😛

As per usual, be sure to click on the inlinkz button and check out everyone else’s manis!