Sushi nails!

Good morning everyone!

I’m trying to wrap up all of my June nail art ideas in anticipation of the OMD3 challenge in July, and I happened to remember that I wanted to make an entry for Joy Lacquer’s Sushi Mani Contest.  I’ve noticed that there are lots of great entries and I have no real hopes of winning, but it seemed so fun that I just couldn’t pass it up.

My favorite sushi almost always has salmon somewhere in it, so the majority of my nails revolve around that.  I’ve got salmon sashimi on my pinky, a salmon maki roll on my ring finger, wasabi on my middle (obviously!), and dotted tuna and salmon maki rolls on my index finger.  I happen to have had sushi a couple of days ago and had the wasabi left over, and thought it would be a fun 3D addition to this nail art.



Sushi-nails-3These are far from perfect, but I kind of love them.  I was most excited about trying out the roll I did on my ring finger, but I actually ended up liking the rolls on my index finger the best.  They literally took maybe five minutes and look like such tasty little sushi rolls!  These pictures were also taken before I applied a top coat, by the way.  I really liked how the textures looked, especially for the seaweed.

Here’s a picture with top coat.  Not quite as cool, right?


And that’s that!  I cannot believe that I love my sushi nails so much!  Although I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering how much I’m obsessed with actual sushi…



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