Watercolor nails, inspired by The Giver

Hello all!  The OMD3 challenge starts tomorrow, but I’ve got one last June mani to post before then.  I recently joined the Polished Bookworms Facebook group, where we read a new book every month and make a mani inspired by what we read.  This month is my first time joining, and luckily it’s one of my favorite books: The Giver by Lois Lowry.  I guess I should warn for minor spoilers just in case.

I first read this book in third grade, and have read it at least a dozen times since.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have time amidst all my work to re-read it, so I just went with one of the most memorable aspects for me.  You know all those Tumblr posts that challenge people to describe a color?  Well that’s basically what I remember most about this book.  In a monochromatic world, Jonas’ introduction to color is confused and throws things out of balance for him for those brief instances he sees flashes of a strangeness he doesn’t know how to describe.

And so that’s what I based my nail art on.  Stick with me here, it’s going to be a long explanation (or just skip to the pictures if you want).  Despite the completely ordered lifestyle of the community featured in the book, Jonas starts feeling out of sorts whenever he sees things he can’t explain or has a particularly unusual dream.  So even amongst the structure he faces on a daily basis, his own life doesn’t always quite fit into the mold.  And that’s why I chose to do chaotic color wipes–gray and white with added swipes of red on all but the accent nail.

The accent itself has an apple, which is where Jonas first notices something change from normal to different in a way he doesn’t yet understand, which we later learn in this case is him experiencing the color red.  I tried to make the red, white, and black on the apple all still appear to be bleeding together in a less-than-controlled way to show that even in this ‘perfect’ community, not everything can be contained.





So yeah, sorry about being so long-winded.  I just love this book–even 17 years after first reading it–and wanted to elaborate on my choices for this mani.  I didn’t do anything especially complex, but I felt it deserved a bit of an explanation.  I really love how it turned out, by the way.  I normally don’t like chaotic nail art, but I think this one is great. 🙂


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