Nail mail!!

I got nail mail today!  I was extremely excited about opening this package too.  Not just because it was the cutest packaging I’ve ever gotten polish in, but because I got a couple of new-to-me brands!



Left to right, I’ve got the Dollish Polish/Jindie Nails Bonnie and Clyde duo, Pahlish Grave Robber, Indigo Bananas Alcatraz, Too Fancy Lacquer Lake Como and Velvet Nights, ILNP Fleet Week, Smitten Polish Bifrost and I Never Drink…Wine, Philly Loves Lacquer Oh, the Places You’ll Go, and LynBDesigns Little Foot.

These are my first polishes from Jindie Nails, Indigo Bananas, Too Fancy Lacquer, ILNP, and Philly Loves Lacquer.  And I’m really excited about Little Foot.  LynBDesigns was my first indie brand and Little Foot was the first polish I put on a wish list, but by the time I actually went to place my very first order, it was gone.  So I’m glad to finally have it.

This was truly an amazing haul.  But it’s not my only recent purchase.  I also got some nail mail last month that I thought I’d share too.  I placed an order with Rainbow Connection and picked up some very pretty polishes, and one new-to-me brand.


I’ve already posted swatches of Glam Polish Zap! and Colors by Llarowe Gemini Rising, but I also bought Dollish Polish Serendipity, F.U.N. Lacquer Secret, and Smitten Polish Whiskey in the Jar.  I was apparently feeling the color green when I was placing that order.

I’m really looking forward to using all of these polishes.  Not sure when I’ll get around to it though.  The rest of June is pretty busy, and the Oh Mon Dieu challenge is making a comeback in July.  I’ll be insanely busy, but I’m gonna try to do it in place of the 31 Day Challenge this year. 🙂

Glam Polish Zap! + How To Train Your Dragon nail art

(**Fair warning, this is a picture heavy one!**)

Hello all!  I’ve got another gorgeous green today!  I decided to try out Glam Polish Zap! a few days ago, and it was an excellent decision.  Zap! is a chartreuse holo that’s good to go in 2 coats.




And you’re never going to believe this, but I actually had a sunny day here in northern England and managed to get some pictures in the sunlight!




Now, when I first looked at this polish I already had ‘nerdy’ nail art on the brain, and my first thought when I saw the color was Toothless’ eyes from How To Train Your Dragon.  His eyes generally aren’t this green in the movies, but just about all fan art has him with this bright color and so I just had to try my hand at painting him.


I found this sort of boring though, and it didn’t necessarily remind me of Toothless.  So in addition to Zap! and Sally Hansen Black Out, I used Essie Good To Go top coat and OPI matte top coat to make a scaly look, and Kleancolor Beach Blue for his nostrils.





(And flash)



I love this.  His eyes aren’t quite the same size, but I really don’t care.  The scales turned out so good!  I never expected this to turn out so well.  And the flash pictures make his eyes look especially cool.  I’m seriously so happy.






Pahlish Mad Man With A Box + Howl’s Moving Castle nail art

Good evening everybody!  I have had a pretty great day today– I got to play with dogs for the first time in months, had lots of sushi for lunch, and made pecan muffins for dinner.  I’m feeling pretty good about this post too!

I decided to try out my first Pahlish a few days ago, and so slapped on a couple of coats of Mad Man With A Box.  It’s a fantastically complex dark blue polish.  From what I can tell, it’s got purple leanings at times, but predominantly has a blue-green shimmer (courtesy of the blue glass flecks) and gold microflakes.  Lots going on, which made it difficult to capture everything in the photos.





(I don’t normally do this, but here’s a close up too, so you can sort of see the glass flecks and gold flakes better.)


Now, it’s rare for a polish to inspire nail art.  Normally when I feel like doing nail art, I have an idea from the beginning of what base color I want to use.  This polish, though, looked very much like starry skies to me, and for some reason my mind jumped to the falling stars in Howl’s Moving Castle.  A pretty big stretch to go from a Doctor Who polish to a Miyazaki movie, but that’s how my mind works I guess.

The falling stars, of course, led me to Calcifer.  And so this mani is all about Cal!  So I’ve got Calcifer when he’s a falling star, when Howl catches him, when he’s in his normal fire form, and when he becomes a star again at the end of the movie.  Lots of polishes here to create such a simple character…Kleancolor Pastel Yellow, Pastel Orange, Pastel Blue, Tangerine Burst, and Black, Essie Avenue Maintain, FingerPaints Paper Mache, Colour Carnival by 17 Bright Orange, Maybelline Color Show Electric Yellow, and Barry M Lychee.




I was a little disappointed that I messed up that iconic little flame by putting his eyes way too close together, but I like the overall mani.  I was absolutely thrilled with how the middle finger turned out since I had to paint Howl’s hands, but then that got messed up a little because my go-to top coat decided to go crazy.  It contributed to Calcifer’s wonky eye too.  I’ve never really had any serious problem with smearing from Seche Vite, but it happened on two of four nails here, and I was not a happy camper.  I didn’t let it put a damper on my mood though!  I was still incredibly happy with this nail art.