OMD3 Day 1-Teal

Good afternoon everybody!  I am in such a good mood today!  I got my hair done, bought some new clothes for cheap, and there is a thunderstorm raging just outside my window.  A real, proper thunderstorm!  I’ve never even heard thunder at all while I’ve been in the UK, and suddenly there’s huge rumbles and loud cracks of lightning and I’m so happy and don’t know why.  Regardless, this good mood is a fantastic way to start off the Oh Mon Dieu 3 challenge!  OMD3 is a 31 day nail art challenge put together by Craftynail, Brijits Digits, Eeeek! Nail Polish!, and Nail That Accent!  Here are the prompts:

As you can see, the prompt for Day 1 is ‘Teal’.  Since the challenge is just starting, I figured I would keep things incredibly simple today, and just do a teal and black dotticure.






Looks pretty good!  The only issue I have with today’s mani is how much of a pain in the butt F.U.N. Lacquer Secret was.  Not through any fault of the polish itself, of course.  I just decided to try sponging the glitter on instead of my normal brush and dab technique, and it made a huge mess even with a liquid latex barrier protecting me.  Took forever to clean up.  But it was worth it in the end.  I wish my camera took more color accurate photos, because these do not even begin to show off the gorgeousness of Secret.  My phone did take more color accurate ones even if the picture quality isn’t as great:




Oh well.  I’m finally going to invest in a light box once I move into my new place this fall, so maybe that will help with the color issues in my photos.  Then again, I guess a light box won’t stop my camera from hating teals, will it?

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