OMD3 Day 3-Silver

Ugh, silver.  I don’t generally like silver polishes–at least on me–unless I’m really in the mood for them.  So I was a little disappointed to see that this prompt appeared on the OMD3 list, especially so early in the challenge.  And since I’m still a little scarred by my clean-up experience on Day 1, glitter was out for today.  This left me with maybe 5 polishes to choose from.  I picked a-england Excalibur, simply because I hadn’t yet tried it and because the name itself gave me something to work with in terms of nail art.

So, Excalibur nail art.  Sword in the stone.  Almost did a Lady of the Lake nail too, but decided not to bother.






Not too shabby, right?  I’m actually really okay with this, considering I had some color issues while painting.  I’m more happy about the stone turning out well than anything else.  But I have to say Excalibur was not the polish to choose if I wanted an easy clean-up.  It got everywhere.  It was worth it though, because it is a pretty nice silver polish.  I think it’s the flecks of gold that give it a little extra oomph.

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