OMD3 Day 4-Black and gold

*Picture heavy!*

On to Day 4 of OMD3!  Black and gold.  Gold is yet another color that I don’t particularly like on myself, so my choices were limited again today.  It took a bit of trial and error before I decided on SquareHue Sampokeskus.

But I don’t even care about my gold struggles, because I love my choice of black.  A few days ago my massive ILNP order came in—I got the entire 10 piece Summer 2015 Ultra Holo collection plus 11 others—and among them was the gorgeous Missed Calls, one of those aforementioned Ultra Holos.  So much holo!  I wasn’t sure I would like it because there is microglitter in there, but it definitely wowed me.  Here, pictures:






Now onto the actual nail art.  For some reason, whenever I wear black polishes I always want to put a chevron/triangle on top.  So I did.  But then I thought it looked a teensy bit boring, and I added dots over top.  Not sure how noticeable it is, but I switched up the dot pattern on the accent nail too, just to keep it different.






I kind of like it, purely because it’s an interesting combination of two of my go-to nail art designs.  Plus it’s made fantastic by Missed Calls, which is nice.

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