OMD3 Day 5-Colorful

Oh my God, you guys!  Ultra holos strike again!  Day 5’s mani is seriously a pretty one!  University internet is going down at midnight tonight and won’t be back up for 24 hours, so I decided to just go ahead and share this awesomeness with you today instead of posting a day late.

Anyways…the theme for Day 5 is Colorful and I was originally going to go for rainbow nails of some sort, but then I looked over at the 21 ILNP bottles sitting right there on my bedside table and decided to use some of them.  So I picked out 5 and did braided nails instead.

My first choice was Mega (X) to tie all of the nails together, and that left Closure, Float On, Walking Home, and 1UP.  A red, blue, purple, and green.  Uh, Captain America and Hulk combos anyone?






I am in love with this mani!  It’s so sparkly and holo-y and bright!  I’ve done braided nails before, but never liked them quite this much.  I kind of hate that it needs to be taken off for Day 6’s nail art (and whatever I’m wearing on my nails for my college’s summer ball tomorrow too).

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