Holo blobbicure, featuring a-england Tristam and ILNP I See You

Hello all!  I meant to post this yesterday, but completely forgot.  My college’s summer ball was a couple of days ago, and I of course did my nails for the occasion!  I hadn’t done a blobbicure in a while and it’s supposedly easy to do, so I chose to do one for the ball.  I had tried out a handful of holo blues on swatch sticks to find the best match for my dress, and a-england Tristam won.  I paired it with ILNP I See You since it was a wonderfully close match to the accent color on my dress.




For such a simple technique, I typically have serious issues with it.  This time things turned out fine though!  Except for, ya know, me smashing a couple of nails.  I actually had to redo my left index finger twice because I kept smooshing it.  But it all worked out well in the end, and I got a couple of compliments on this look.  I loved it too.  It kept me entertained throughout dinner, where I was sat between a person I didn’t know and one I barely know. 😛


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