OMD3 Day 9-Pattern

I’m feeling much better about today’s OMD3 mani!  I was frustrated as heck while working on it because stamping is one of the most difficult things I have ever tried to do, but I finally managed to get it to (mostly) cooperate.  Seriously, no matter how many times I try out stamping, it just doesn’t seem to turn out right.  But I am pretty happy I got mostly complete images on my nails today though!

More importantly, I chose a fantastic base color.  ALIQUID Lacquer Puppy Love was a LE sold back in October last year, and is a fantastically gorgeous teal polish with pink/purple and gold flecks and a bit of scattered holo.





Puppy Love was the perfect background for stamping, and totally makes up for the stamping mistakes!




Not too bad!  It took waaay too many tries to finally get the images to transfer well enough to use, but it was worth it in the end.  Maybe I need to try this stamping thing more often!

2 thoughts on “OMD3 Day 9-Pattern

  1. I seem to have many issues with stamping. I can never get the image to transfer. I’ve tried changing up how I was doing it, switching polishes and even bought a new stamper and I still can’t seem to get the hang of it! I guess I’ll just have to keep trying. I think yours came out lovely though!

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