OMD3 Day 21-Travel

Okay, now this one I’m excited about!  Not that the last few prompts didn’t turn out well, but this one was a design I could really get behind.  Coming off of the last prompt and the slightly nerdy spin I was able to give it, I decided that I could make this one nerdy too.  So instead of my dream travel destinations or suitcases or planes…I did fandom methods of travel.

I wanted to try something different this time around, so avoided ones I’ve already done before.  That meant no TARDIS, no Enterprise, and no Millenium Falcon.  It took a bit of thinking, but I finally chose the Impala (Supernatural), Appa (Avatar: The Last Airbender), Epona (some of the Legend of Zelda games), and a broomstick (Harry Potter).




I am thrilled with how these turned out!  The Impala and broomstick aren’t fantastic, but I think Appa and Epona turned out great!  This makes me feel really good because I thought Appa would turn out especially horribly.  And Epona…this isn’t the best horse I’ve ever drawn/painted, but it’s the best one I’ve ever painted on a fingernail!  But, uh, I realized after the fact that I completely forgot to add her saddle. 😛  I don’t care though, because she looks fine without it.

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