OMD3 Day 22-Star sign

And after the massive high point of my travel themed mani comes this boringness for Day 22.  My astrological sign is Capricorn, so I just did the symbol for it.  I thought about painting a seagoat too, but just couldn’t get behind the idea.




So, yeah.  It looks fine.  Kind of hard to mess up such a simple design.  It’s so boring though!  The only good point about this mani is the blue I chose.  Since I wasn’t doing much in the way of nail art, I wanted my background color to sort of match my very pretty birthstone, which is a blue topaz.  I wavered between Too Fancy Lacquer Lake Como and ILNP Float On, but finally chose the latter.  Here are some pictures sans the Capricorn symbol!





Isn’t it pretty?  I’ve used it in nail art before, but this is my first time swatching it.  These ultra holos are killing me.  I almost hope that ILNP doesn’t come out with too many more, because I’m poor enough as it is!

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