OMD3 Day 23-Under the sea

This is another one I wasn’t sure about.  I’ve already done two fish themed manis this month, so I really didn’t want to do another.  And no Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo!  I like both movies, but I didn’t really have the time (or patience) to do justice to nail art based on them.

So I did bubbles.  And a little bit of seaweed.  I was done in five minutes and didn’t care what it looked like, which is rare for me.  Even when I don’t like a prompt I still usually care about the result.  But I just did not want to do this one.  So here ya go:




Again, this is a simple, boring design that’s made better by a fun background.  I recycled the ILNP Float On from the Day 22 mani and added a couple coats of Paint Box Polish Northern Lights over top.  It was definitely a good decision!  Northern Lights simultaneously darkened the blue and added more sparkle (in the form of blue microglitter).  Gorgeous!





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