OMD3 Day 31-#mynailsandmyperfume

I really wish that this had not been the last prompt for the challenge.  I own all of two perfumes and rarely use either, so this wasn’t an especially fun one for me to end on.  I did make it more fun for myself by using an untried though—Girly Bits Get Weaponized.  It’s so pretty and goes really well with the perfume bottle I chose!






Not a fantastic mani, but it’s good enough.  I almost wish I hadn’t painted over the stamp, because the white stamping polish had been nice and crisp and you could see the flowers better.  Live and learn, right?  (Although I never seem to learn! :P)

And did you happen to notice anything missing from my photos?  Yeah, that’s right.  I was so out of it by the time I got around to taking pictures for this mani that I forgot to actually take a photo of my nails with my perfume. -_-  So here’s a stock photo of the perfume.

OMD3 Day 30-#mynailsandmybag

So…I don’t usually carry a purse unless I’m going to a formal.  My go-to bag is actually my backpack.  I carry that thing everywhere.  It made sense to use it for inspiration for this prompt.







Unfortunately…my backpack is black.  It didn’t give much leeway for creativity, but oh well.  The red accents on the backpack at least allowed me to do a simple little stripe mani.  And it turned out well too, so I’m perfectly happy with it.

OMD3 Day 29-#mynailsandmydrink

This one should have been a pretty straightforward one for me.  I only have two types of cups in my kitchen—melamine red Solo cups and a plastic mason jar glass—so I thought for sure one of those would be the inspiration for this mani.  But…I just so happened to be drinking a beer with a label that lent itself to nail art.  So this fantastic chocolatey stout was the basis for my mani for the Day 29 prompt.






I love this mani!  Especially that donut.  I really wanted some Krispy Kreme donuts after painting it.   Actually…the only thing that I can think of that I don’t like about this mani is the fact that I don’t own a proper magenta polish and so my color is a little off.  But honestly, who cares?

OMD3 Day 28-Princess

I am especially sad that I didn’t have the time to do my original idea for this one!  I really wanted to to a Super Smash Bros style Peach versus Zelda showdown.  But I wouldn’t have been able to do justice to the necessary level of detail for that, so did some Tangled-inspired nails instead.  Rapunzel’s hair flowing across the nails, plus the kingdom’s sun crest.

And I have to say, Renaissance Cosmetics Kensington was the perfect choice of polish for the background color!  Purple/violet is sort of the color associated with Rapunzel (since both her dress and the kingdom’s flag are shades of it) and Kensington has that nice gold shimmer to tie in to the nail art itself.Day-28-Princess-Rapunzel-nails-1



These turned out much better than I expected.  I didn’t think they would look bad, just maybe a bit boring with just some golden hair flowing across my nails.  That’s why I added the sun.  It was a good element to add, I think.  Very happy with this nail art. 🙂

OMD3 Day 27-Wings

I had so many ideas for this prompt—chibi Castiel, bats, dragons, Navi, Charizard, any other winged Pokemon, a penguin trying to fly—but I thought that I should keep it simple and quick since I’m already straying into August now.  So I did a few Golden Snitches from Harry Potter.






I don’t really like this.  The wings are hard to see and I forgot to do the designs on the balls themselves.  I’m sad that I didn’t have the time to do one of my more interesting ideas, because this one is sort of plain and boring.  But I think I’ll probably revisit some of those ideas eventually, after I’m done with the OMD3 challenge and once I’m no longer sick of doing nail art. 😛

OMD3 Day 26-Peace

I think pretty much everyone thought of peace signs for this prompt, right?  I mean, what else are you gonna do?  A dove?  Well, I guess that’s an option, but I took the easier route and went with the peace sign.  And of course I tried to make tie-dye nails to go along with it.  I failed.  But I compromised by blobbing on colors on thinning them out with acetone.




I think I would have liked the colorful nails better if I actually had enough neon polishes on hand, but unfortunately I only have a handful of bright polishes with me right now.  I did buy a neon collection (Mod Lacquer’s Electrified collection) earlier this summer when so many brands were releasing them, but they were sent to my US address so I won’t have them until December. :/  My peace sign is also very crooked, which was disappointing since it’s otherwise really good.  Oh well.

OMD3 Day 25-Weather

I obviously was not able to finish the OMD3 challenge in July, but I’m still going to get as many up by the deadline on the 5th as I can.  There’s a good chance I won’t get all of the remaining prompts done, but I’m going to try my best.

Anyway…I’m from Florida, so summers for me are typically full of thunderstorms.  But as much as it rains here in England, it doesn’t actually storm very often.  In fact, I’ve lived in England for nearly two (non-consecutive) years now, and I only heard thunder for the first time at the beginning of July.  I got so excited, I was legitimately freaking out (in a good way).  I threw my curtains open and turned my lights off and just sat there staring at the rain and grinning every time lightning forked across the sky.  Fun fact: This was actually the first time one of my British friends had ever seen forked lightning.

Anyway, lightning nails were sort of the obvious choice for my weather nails.




I like them.  They’re nothing fancy, but they still look good.  They’re definitely better than my last two attempts at lightning too, which were for my Mjolnir nail art and for the OMD2 challenge Outdoors prompt last year.  Neither of those were very good.