Saturday Swatchfest-ALIQUID Forever and a Day, Gothic Gala Patina + S.F. Take 2

Hello all!  I was awake at 4 am on a Saturday watching a livestream on Twitch, so thought I’d share a few swatches while I was just sitting here not sleeping.  Granted, I kept getting distracted and so it’s now closer to 7 am, but whatever.  It’s still Saturday. 😛

I’m trying to work my way through my untrieds and so I’ve got swatches of three polishes today.   This post is a picture heavy one, so beware.

The first polish I’m showing off is the only one of my polishes from ALIQUID Lacquer that I had yet to try, the gorgeous Forever and a Day (shown here with three coats).  This polish is a teal-leaning dark grey with various flecks–definitely some purple (possibly iridescent?) ones–and a slight shimmer.  I was expecting a lot from this polish, and it definitely delivered.







The second polish is Gothic Gala Lacquers Patina, which is a light teal—almost aqua–with a nice shimmer.  It dries to a suede finish and is shown here with three coats, plus a top coat.  This one I wasn’t too sure about when looking at it in the bottle, but it’s actually really pretty on my nails.  This color also photographed better with flash, so with the exception of the fourth photo, these are all taken with flash.





And the last polish I’m going to show today is Gothic Gala S.F. Take 2, which is a fantastically dark teal linear holographic.  As with the others, it’s shown here with three coats.  This is a stunning polish, and is my favorite of the four GGLs that I currently have with me.  We’ll have to see how it stands up to the other Gothic Gala polishes that I have waiting for me back in the States. 🙂








Seriously how gorgeous is that?  I was completely enthralled by my nails when I was wearing this polish.

I also did some simple nail art featuring the Gothic Gala polishes, but since the number of photos on this post is already ridiculous I’ll post those photos in a day or so.