CYNA 12 Days of Christmas, Day 8 – Presents/bows

Presents and bows…kind of a standard thing during the holidays, right?  And yet, I really wasn’t feeling this prompt.  But I still tried to have fun with it, of course!

As with my Day 5 mani, I used all LynBDesigns polishes for this nail art.  This time around it was Not Even a Mouse for the background color, and the presents were done with A Right Jolly Old Elf, New Fallen Snow, and Winnie.  These are all new polishes that I was excited to try out.  Two are LEs from the Black Friday sale, one is from the “‘Twas the Night” trio, and one is from the “Sanderson Sisters” Halloween collection.  For anyone reading this that hasn’t yet discovered LynBDesigns, seriously try some polishes out.  Even now that I’ve branched out significantly with my indie purchases, LynB is still probably my favorite brand.

Anyway, enough gushing over my polishes.  What I decided to do was fairly basic.  Just some presents on my nail tips, with my middle finger as a slightly different variation to act as a sort of accent.




And flash:


It was when I was about to go paint a ribbon on my ‘accent’ that I realized I could have some 3D fun with this.  So I went into my mom’s storage/craft/junk closet and grabbed some ribbon.




I had to get my mom to do the twirly effect with the ribbon because I can’t do it right (even if it should be the easiest thing in the world).  It didn’t look quite like I envisioned, but it adds an interesting little element to the nail art.  I found it fun anyway!

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