Saturday Swatchfest – Shleee Polish

Hello all!  Over the past few months I have gotten an excessive amount of nail mail (on which I have spent an outrageous amount of money), with an impressive number of new-to-me brands.  One of the brands I happened to buy after my enormous ‘Christmas’ haul was Shleee Polish.  I managed to snag five gorgeous polishes that I thought I would share here today.  And the best thing about every single one of them?  You could probably get away with one coat for each!  Although I did two for all of them to make sure I didn’t have any visible nail line.   And just a note…I’m going to apologize ahead of time for the varying skin tones.  I had to do some correcting to get better color accuracy for the polishes (as I often do), and this means I had to sacrifice the actual color of my skin in some photos 😛

Anyway, first up is Starkiller, a deep orange with gold shimmer.  And I’m not sure if it was the lighting or my imagination but I kept seeing tiny flashes of purple too.  Starkiller is supposedly a thermal and is supposed to shift from orange to a darker red-orange, but I didn’t notice any change after using hot and cold water.  So unfortunately you don’t get any photos of the color differences.



Next is what I thought would hands-down be my favorite of the bunch: Fangorn Forest.  It is a stunning emerald green holo with holo microglitter.  It doesn’t sound terribly unique, but I personally don’t own anything else like it and so I fell in love.



Siding Spring was probably the most ‘problematic’ of the five, but that isn’t really saying anything because it was still opaque in two thick coats.  It’s another stunner too.  A shimmery pink-lavender base packed with light blue microglitters makes the overall effect a very sparkly cross between periwinkle and lavender.



Life on Mars is a rusty red microglitter polish with an added bit of shimmer and holo microglitter.  The overall effect is extremely eye-catching and moved this one into my top three of the group, even though I thought it would be one of my least favorites.




Last is the one that surprised me the most.  Jakku is a polish densely packed with gold and coppery flakies with some additional microglitter thrown in.  While flakies are growing on me, I still in general don’t like them.  But I bought this one because the swatches looked pretty and it was inspired by The Force Awakens (so was Starkiller, by the way).  I was more than pleasantly surprised when I saw it in person though.  It’s so shiny!  And it got even better when I put it on my nails.  It went from expected bottom of the bunch to my absolute favorite of the five.  My housemate agrees, and put it on her nails the day after I got it.



And that’s all of them!  I can’t believe how different everything was to my expectations.  Knowing my own polish tastes, Fangorn Forest should have easily claimed the number one spot and Jakku should undoubtedly have been at the bottom.  But Jakku did manage to push Fangorn Forest to the number two slot, with Life on Mars taking number three.  Definitely not what I expected at all!

ALIQUID Lacquer Hipster Doofus + spring nail art

I would love to open this post by saying that spring is in the air, but I don’t think it really is.  It’s still kind of cold here, although there has at least been more sunshine lately.  Or maybe spring really is in the air, but I can’t tell because I’m a Floridian in northern England. 😛

Either way, there was a spring mani contest going on over at the Rainbow Connection Facebook fan page (RC Junkies) a few days ago, and I thought I’d try my hand at it.  My first thought was to do something with ALIQUID Lacquer Hipster Doofus, since I’ve been wanting to use it for a while now.  I thought I’d pair it with a pink creme and a metallic silver (I even had them on my nails already), but then I read the fine print and noticed that I had to use at least one polish that I had bought from Rainbow Connection.  Unfortunately, I only had one ‘spring’ color at the time.  Fortunately, that happened to be Smitten Polish Whiskey in the Jar, which actually matched up with Hipster Doofus pretty well.

So I ended up putting Whiskey in the Jar over OPI My Signature is DC, and to make the pink holo too I put a coat of ILNP Paige over OPI Suzi Nails New Orleans.  Then I added dots over both.  And to add a bit more of a spring touch I stamped a flower from Uber Chic plate 1-02 to my middle finger.






The overall effect is prettier than I expected.  I knew with almost certainty that I was not going to win the contest (at the very least because I only used an RC polish on my pinky), but I don’t really care because I’m really happy with how this looks.  Hipster Doofus is as gorgeous on my nails as I hoped it would be, and look at how clean that flower is!  It is easily the best stamping I have ever done (not that I’ve done a lot).  I ended up wearing this for three days before taking it off!

Guess who’s back?!

Wow, it’s been a really long time since I posted anything, hasn’t it?  To be honest, I just haven’t been motivated to make posts, or even really do nail art.  For the past couple of months it’s been mostly vinyls, if I’ve bothered with nail art at all.  My love of nail polish hasn’t diminished in the slightest though and I hope I can pick up blogging again, even if I do it infrequently.  I do have a backlog of swatches to post at the very least!

Speaking of backlog…I’m rewinding to December for this post.  I think I might have mentioned in a post in December that I came home for the holidays to an absolutely massive amount of nail mail.  So to ease my way back into the blog, I thought I would share that haul today, and show swatches for one of the polishes I actually wore in December.

So first off, the nail mail:


Pretty impressive, right?  This was the haul that pushed my polish collection past the 600 mark.  If anyone cares to know what I got, I’m going to put the list in the comments to avoid taking up space here.

And because I have an awesome mother who is an enabler despite being completely exasperated with my collection, I also got some polishes for Christmas!


Between these two hauls I have so many new-to-me brands, and I’ve barely put a dent in my untried list.  I’ve also made a heck of a lot of purchases over the past month, both from destashes and from brand shops (quite a few of which are also new to me).  So with all of these new and pretty brands, maybe it’s a bit weird that the swatches I’m showing off are from my first indie brand.

What I’ve got here is a LynBDesigns polish that was released for the opening day of deer hunting season in Michigan last year.  I actually chose it because I was going on my annual hunting trip in Georgia, and thought it was fitting (last year I wore Girly Bits Darkly Dreaming).

This polish is kind of hard to describe.  It’s a dark purple base, with holo microglitters and color-shifting flakies, and a very strong coppery shimmer.




(And with flash, since it shows the purple more)




Very pretty, right?  It was a good choice to wear for my hunting trip, because despite the massive thunderstorms that threatened to flood the area, the weather just after sunrise and just before sunset was actually pretty clear for the most part.  So I could distract myself with the shininess while I waited for deer to appear.

Anyway, this post has gotten a little big, so I should sign off here.  Just a little teaser though, my next few posts will definitely be more from the nail mail picture.  🙂