Random swatches – 365 Days of Color, Parrot Polish, and Pahlish

**Beware, this is a long one!**

Well, my plans to get back on the nail art train came crashing down around me a few weeks ago, courtesy of a potato peeler.  Yes, I lost a nail to a potato peeler.  I’m really sad about it, because any pictures I took while it was growing back would be tainted by a single nub.  I’m not against nubs at all, but I can never bring myself to completely chop off all my other nails, so it was only one nub and that just looks weird.  So instead of detailed nail art, I just decided to move forward with my plans to shorten my untried list.  Since the list is so extensive, I decided to go in alphabetical order for the most part, trying out 1-3 bottles per brand before moving on to the next.

The first brand in alphabetical order is 365 Days of Color.  This brand no longer makes polish and hasn’t for a while, but she does make body products—oils, lotions, etc.—under the name Sunny’s Body Products.  I got my very first cuticle oils years ago, and the scents I got were amazing.  The range of available scents is really great, so if you want to try out something unique I would encourage you to check out her store.

I’ve tried most of the polishes I got from 365DoC and all that were left on my list were The Diary, The Snake, and The Ring, from a Horcrux collection obviously inspired by Harry Potter.

First up is The Diary.  It’s a sheer grey base with a mix of silver holo and black glitters.  It was apparent after one coat that I would never be able to build it up on its own, so I layered it over Sally Hansen White On.  This is three coats.




Next is The Snake, a bright green jelly with a gold shimmer.  I think this was probably one of the most annoying out of the entire collection because it actually is really pretty, but not as much as it is in the bottle.  The shimmer looked much stronger in the bottle than on the nail.  Also, you can sort of see some spots of darker green in the photos, where there were like clumps of pigment or something.  It was kind of weird, but mostly went away (or was smeared out) with multiple coats.





The last 365DoC polish I had to try was The Ring, which I surprisingly really liked.  It was a gold shimmer topper, and I layered two coats over The Snake.




Then to fulfill my own curiosity I also used one coat over Sally Hansen Black Out.  As much as I liked it over The Snake, I think I liked it better over black.


And bonus polishes!  While I had the nub I went out of alphabetical order for my untried just because I really wanted to finally try one of my many thermals.  So here’s the absolutely gorgeous Parrot Polish Atlantic, which changes from a holo dark green (almost teal) to a limey green.  It was a one coat wonder for me!










(And flash!)


The color isn’t completely accurate in these photos, but it’s pretty close.  The colors weren’t quite what I expected from swatches on the store’s site, but I don’t even care because I like what they looked like in real life so much!  Definitely recommend this one, and I can’t wait to try some of my others.

The second polish I went out of order for was Pahlish Quite Ribbiting, which I got in a blog sale last year.  It’s a dark teal holo, and I fell in love with it long before I put it on my nails.  It even caught my mom’s eye, which is quite a feat because she tends to look at most of my polish with something akin to disdain. 😛




As expected, it was stunning!  But when have I ever said that I didn’t like a teal holo?

And that’s five polishes down, hundreds to go!