a-england Whispering Waves and Spirit of the Moors + nail art

I’m moving ever so slowly through a chunk of my untrieds, and today’s post features two of my growing collection of a-england polishes.  This time around, I chose Whispering Waves and Spirit of the Moors.

First up is Whispering Waves, a dark turquoise holo with a lavender shimmer.  This one was good in 2 coats, but it unfortunately stained my nails.  That doesn’t change the fact that it’s a very pretty polish.




The second one I tried is Spirit of the Moors, and is definitely my favorite of the two.  This one is a royal blue holo, also good in 2 coats, which was far brighter than I expected.  That’s a good thing, by the way.  It is honestly a gorgeous polish.  And after my experience with Whispering Waves, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this one actually did not stain my nails.




And since I loved Spirit of the Moors so much, I decided to use the two for nail art, with added help from Sinful Colors Green Ocean.  I ended up doing the design on both my hands and actually wore it for like four days.




Seriously, Green Ocean was much shinier than I thought it would be, and I loved it with these two a-england polishes.

Mashup post – Some old, some new, some holo, some blue

Yes, I’m well aware this is the second time I’ve made a play on the ‘something old, something new’ rhyme.  This time isn’t for Doctor Who wedding nail art, sadly.  This is just a post trying to throw together some photos that have been building up on my computer.

First up, the mani I wore to my college’s Burns Night formal back in January.  This one stars Celestial Cosmetics Never Miss a Shot, a navy blue with a very strong linear holo effect, and also features KBShimmer In Bare Form, a nude holo.  Never Miss a Shot is absolutely gorgeous, and In Bare Form goes really well with it (as expected of a nude).  Plus they both went great with my dress!




Next is another mani from last winter.  I remember this one just because I chose to use the red specifically to match a new sweater I had bought. 😛  Anyway, this is Love, Angeline Red Wine, a (surprise surprise) wine red polish which dries matte.  The accent nail is Gothic Gala Lacquers Sand, a deep gold glitter with iridescent flakes.  It dries sort of textured.  I honestly don’t remember buying Sand, but I like it.  The iridescent flakes are more noticeable than I expected them to be from looking at the bottle, and they’re really interesting with the gold glitter.  I put a matte coat on it so that it would match Red Wine, by the way.  Red Wine is the winner in this mani though.  It is such a stunning color and the coverage was amazing.




The next two polishes swatched are much more recent, and are part of my continued attempt to get through some of my untrieds.  First up is Above the Curve TARDIS.  At least I think it’s called TARDIS. It doesn’t actually have a name on the label, just a picture of the TARDIS. 😛  It’s a pretty holo blue that’s good in 2 coats.  It’s more of a cyan/dark aqua than a TARDIS blue though.




Next is Pretend It’s a Plan, a grapey purple holo that’s opaque in 2 coats (though I used 3 here).




I also did a skittlette mani using these polishes and a third Doctor Who polish from Above the Curve, called Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey.  This one is an eye-catching multichrome glitter topper that shifts from orange-blue-purple, and I layered it over TARDIS.  I unfortunately didn’t manage to catch the shift very well though.




And that’s my massive mashup post!  Next up on my alphabetical list is a-england.  And since I’ve recently bought quite a few, I’m going to have a pretty hard time choosing which ones to try!