Challenge Your Nail Art Halloween challenge catch up!

Hello all!  As expected, I fell behind on the Challenge Your Nail Art Halloween challenge, and never really made an attempt to make up that lost ground.  But before completely falling behind I did have a few designs I just never posted, and so I thought I’d just throw them all together in one massive post!

For Day 3’s gradient prompt I did a subtle fall gradient with Colors by Llarowe Love, Actually, Indigo Bananas Synonym Bun, and Colors By Llarowe Mocha Grande.  I thought that was a bit simple though, so I added a design with Lucky 13 Lacquer Accio Lacquer and Bear Pawlish Hot Cider.  You can’t really see the gradient anymore because of the design, but I really liked how this one turned out!





The prompt for Day 4 was ‘Spider Webs’ and my response was pretty straightforward.  I just did some webs and a spider over Chaos & Crocodiles Cheshire Rose.




Day 5’s ‘Moon’ prompt was another one with not much to it.  It was inspired by Oogie Boogie’s ‘I am the shadow on the moon at night’ in the song ‘This is Halloween.’  He’s a little messy, but I think it’s still pretty clear who it is, right?




The prompt for Day 6 was ‘Pumpkins’ and I chose to do a mashup of designs I’ve seen floating around on the internet.  This was definitely my favorite of the bunch.  A handful of mainstream polishes were used for the actual designs, but since I’m only really mentioning the pretty indies I use…the base color for the index and pinky is Darling Diva BB-8.




And those are the designs I have for the challenge!  I clearly fell waaay far behind, but I do like the ones that I managed to do.  There is a very slight chance that I might do some more in the last few days of the month, but it isn’t very likely. 😛

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