Hello all!  I’m a country girl, raised on hunting and playing in the mud, so it came as a complete surprise to me to discover that I actually like painting my nails.  It’s a fairly recent development, starting at around the same time that I started an MA program at a UK university (fall 2012).  So, ironically, as I chose to start trying to take care of my nails–and it took moving to a different country for THAT to happen–I also chose to dedicate my life to playing in the dirt.  Yes, that means I studied archaeology, and am actually starting my PhD work in fall 2014.

Profile pic

This is probably the only picture of my face that will ever appear on this blog. I hate pictures. But yay archaeology!

I’m also a HUGE nerd.  Quite a bit of my nail art will probably be based on things like Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel comics/movies, and, of course, Star Trek.  Not gonna apologize for that.  Ever.

As far as my skills with nail art go, they’re fairly basic.  But I’m not aiming to be be a professional, so it’s okay that I’m still pretty much a beginner.  This blog is purely my attempt to find something to do with all of the pictures I take of my manis, but I have every intention of taking the endeavor seriously.

If anyone reads this blog and ever wants to say hi, my email address is rchappell89@gmail.com.  Don’t feel shy!  (Even if I am)


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