Dragon Ball Z nails!

I don’t know how time keeps slipping by so fast, but it’s already been about a month since my last post!  So much for keeping up with my posts, huh?  But I am yet again trying to get back into the swing of things by going back to my nerdy nail art roots.  This time, I’ve got Dragon Ball Z nails!

Yes, I watched anime as a kid/teen.  And yes, I still do fairly often.  Dragon Ball Z was my introduction into anime, and I fell in love with it the moment I first stumbled upon the Namek saga on Toonami as a kid.  And even now as an adult, Gohan holds the position of my favorite character (followed by Piccolo in a VERY close second).

So when my sleep-deprived mind decided to do DBZ nails at 3am, Gohan was my first thought.  Only…I was sleep deprived.  So I didn’t put as much effort into things as I probably should have.




I honestly don’t know what I was thinking trying this.  I’ve never been able to draw anime characters, so I don’t know why I thought painting a tiny Gohan on my fingernail was a good idea.  Although I do have to say, he might have actually looked like Super Saiyan 2 Gohan if I had given him a bigger forehead.  I also sort of lost patience painting the stars on the dragon balls too, but you get the picture. 😛

For all my complaints though, I do like how this turned out.  It’s been a while since I freehanded something detailed, and I hope I do it again soon.  Maybe I need a good challenge to motivate me…

Pahlish Mad Man With A Box + Howl’s Moving Castle nail art

Good evening everybody!  I have had a pretty great day today– I got to play with dogs for the first time in months, had lots of sushi for lunch, and made pecan muffins for dinner.  I’m feeling pretty good about this post too!

I decided to try out my first Pahlish a few days ago, and so slapped on a couple of coats of Mad Man With A Box.  It’s a fantastically complex dark blue polish.  From what I can tell, it’s got purple leanings at times, but predominantly has a blue-green shimmer (courtesy of the blue glass flecks) and gold microflakes.  Lots going on, which made it difficult to capture everything in the photos.





(I don’t normally do this, but here’s a close up too, so you can sort of see the glass flecks and gold flakes better.)


Now, it’s rare for a polish to inspire nail art.  Normally when I feel like doing nail art, I have an idea from the beginning of what base color I want to use.  This polish, though, looked very much like starry skies to me, and for some reason my mind jumped to the falling stars in Howl’s Moving Castle.  A pretty big stretch to go from a Doctor Who polish to a Miyazaki movie, but that’s how my mind works I guess.

The falling stars, of course, led me to Calcifer.  And so this mani is all about Cal!  So I’ve got Calcifer when he’s a falling star, when Howl catches him, when he’s in his normal fire form, and when he becomes a star again at the end of the movie.  Lots of polishes here to create such a simple character…Kleancolor Pastel Yellow, Pastel Orange, Pastel Blue, Tangerine Burst, and Black, Essie Avenue Maintain, FingerPaints Paper Mache, Colour Carnival by 17 Bright Orange, Maybelline Color Show Electric Yellow, and Barry M Lychee.




I was a little disappointed that I messed up that iconic little flame by putting his eyes way too close together, but I like the overall mani.  I was absolutely thrilled with how the middle finger turned out since I had to paint Howl’s hands, but then that got messed up a little because my go-to top coat decided to go crazy.  It contributed to Calcifer’s wonky eye too.  I’ve never really had any serious problem with smearing from Seche Vite, but it happened on two of four nails here, and I was not a happy camper.  I didn’t let it put a damper on my mood though!  I was still incredibly happy with this nail art.

Striped double ombre

I hate ombres.  I don’t know if I’ve ever said that on the blog before, but I really do not like them.  They can look pretty and all, but I find them to be a massive pain in the butt.  Ombre, however, was the final prompt for the NAIL April challenge and so I had to suck it up and do it.  I honestly should have stuck with a plain ombre, but I tried to make things interesting by doing two ombres in reverse directions.

So, I first did the shimmery/holo purple one with LynBDesigns From Night to Day, Darling Diva Gypsy, LynBDesigns Whimsically Inventive, LynBDesigns M’Lady’s Prerogative.  But I decided that Whimsically Inventive was just a tad too pink-toned, so I added a coat of Sweet Heart Polish Scarab Shells over top.  Then I laid down some striping tape and did the teal ombre with Essie Turquoise & Caicos, OPI My Dogsled is a Hybrid, Barry M Kiwi, and Charming Charlie Color of the Year.






This would actually look pretty dang good if the purple base colors didn’t alter the color of a couple of the polishes (most notably Turquoise & Caicos).  There’s also the fact that my camera refused to take good pictures of this.  Every single polish color is off in the photos, even if only two were off in person.  I feel like a say something like this every time I use teal polishes in particular.  Oddly enough, the two that are least accurate in the photos were actually the two most unaffected by the purple bases in person.

Even if it’s not completely color accurate though, here’s an idea of what a plain ombre would have looked like if I had just stuck with it:


Much better in my opinion.  Thank God I don’t have to do these on a regular basis though.  The occasional challenge ombre is more than enough for me, thanks.

Anyway, this concludes the Nail Art Ideas Linkup April challenge!  The May prompts are already out, but I’ve decided not to do them this time around.  I’ve got other plans–nerdy plans–for the rest of the month, because I feel like I haven’t been doing much geeky nail art lately.


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  For today’s mani, I wanted the basic non-religious images of the holiday: bunnies and eggs.  So I ended up with an Easter skittle (the bunny was inspired by this picture I found on Pinterest).  This one uses tons of different polishes that I just don’t feel like listing today. 😛




Crafty-Nails-April-nail-art-linkup-Easter-nails-4This was originally supposed to be a recreation of that mani I linked to above, but the grass was a pain since my only opaque green is really dark.  So to avoid all the pain of building up polishes I switched gears, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.  Oddly enough, I think the very basic dotting on my ring finger is actually my favorite.

I hope everyone has been having a great day, whether you celebrate or not!



CYNA 12 Days of Christmas, Day 5-Ice blue and white

Day 5 of the Challenge Your Nail Art 12 Days of Christmas nail art challenge!  I said on Day 4 that I was going to let myself have another go at Rise of the Guardians for this prompt, and I followed through on that.  The thing is, I didn’t go into this nail art with as much enthusiasm today and so skimped on details when there kind of should have been details.  I’m not saying today’s mani is bad, I’m just saying that I personally don’t like it as much as my elves.

Anyway, here are the colors used: Kleancolor Pastel Blue, Model’s Own Blueberry Muffin, FingerPaints Paper Mache, Kleancolor Concrete Gray, Essie Luxeffects Pure Pearlfection, Essie Avenue Maintain, OPI OPI…Eurso Euro, OPI A-Piers to Be Tan, Barry M Lychee, Essie Limo-scene, No7 Beanie

Okay, so a little explanation about what I was going for here…for anyone who has seen the movie, I hope it at least comes across that these were inspired by Jack Frost.  The index didn’t show up well in the photos, but it’s supposed to be Jack’s staff creating ice on a pond.  The middle finger shows Jack with his staff and the ring finger was my first attempt at creating a snow flurry.  That monstrosity on my pinky is supposed to be that ice/black sand sculpture that Jack and Pitch create while fighting in the arctic(?).





So…it’s pretty clear by now that I am not happy with this mani.  The pinky is the worst, but nothing else really turned out right either.  And I know I’m being hard on myself here, but it is my personal opinion that this one just doesn’t look good enough to wear in public, so I’m counting it as a failure.  It was a nice try though.  Still got in done in time for Day 5, which is all that counts!  And I will admit that Jack doesn’t look so bad if you ignore his slightly round head.

Of course, this is in no way discouraging me from trying out unique or difficult designs.  Actually…Is it weird that I’m excited that this is my first ‘failed’ mani for this challenge?  It’s been a while since I did nail art that I outright disliked, so it’s about time it happened again!  But, uh, crossing my fingers that tomorrow’s turns out a little better. 😛

CYNA 12 Days of Christmas, Day 4-Santa and elves

I went through a couple of different ideas for today’s ‘Santa and/or elves’ prompt, but finally decided on one that frankly had the potential to be magnificent.  Because what could beat out the most badass Santa ever, especially when he’s accompanied by his completely moronic elves?  That’s right, I wanted to paint North and the elves from the Rise of the Guardians movie.

I made a valiant effort.  The reason I’m late in posting this is because I spent so much time trying to get details right.  I gave up.  If I had my acrylic paints with me I definitely would have tried using those instead, because painting with polish was a real problem tonight.  For once, I don’t even feel like listing all the ones I used.  They were all mainstream/drugstore brands though.  (No indies were harmed in the making of this mani!)

So, North is pretty obvious, but the elves I did were also based on particular ones in the movie.  On the index is the grumpy little elf who kept having his trumpet performance interrupted, on the ring finger is the elf who got electrocuted when he was decorated like a Christmas tree, and on the pinky is one of the elves who likes to eat North’s cookies.





My griping about the details aside, I do really like where I was going with this.  If I ignore my perfectionist tendencies, I can even say I think it looks cute.  The cookie-loving elf is my favorite.  Of course, I’m going to let myself have another go at Rise of the Guardians nail art on the next prompt, time permitting.

Challenge Your Nail Art Fall-ing for Nail Art theme, Day 4-Traditional Thanksgiving images

Ooh, I’m cutting it close on this one!  Less than half an hour until it’s no longer Thanksgiving for me!

Despite looking at everyone else’s posts all day, I somehow forgot that I needed to do nail art of my own for today.  Major brain fart!  So I started throwing something together a little while ago.  I used Barry M Lychee, Revlon Parfumerie Sunlit Grass, Barry M Paprika, Kleancolor Tangerine Burst, Kleancolor Red, Zoya Louise, FingerPaints Paper Mache, and Sally Hansen Black Out to make a turkey!  Can’t get more traditional than that.




But then I thought maybe I had enough time to make a more complete look.  So I added a couple more images (using the same colors as for the turkey, with the addition of OPI A-Piers to Be Tan).




Now, I’m aware that the Native American image may be seen as culturally insensitive by some, but it is a traditional Thanksgiving image and I was sort of strapped for time and ideas.  Plus it’s kind of cute.  I still like my turkey best though 😀

And that’s the end of that challenge!  Looking forward to December’s!