Fall in Florida-autumn leaves nail art

Since fall is coming to a close–and has most definitely given way to winter here in northern England–I thought that I would post one more autumn look.  An extremely simple stamping job, originally done for the CYNA Halloween challenge but never posted.  The theme was leaves and missing home as I am, I decided to put a Florida spin on it.

Back where I live in Florida, we don’t get much of a fall.  The leaves tend to go straight from green to brown to gone, with only the occasional red or yellow making an appearance.  So I used a green holo base color and stamped some brown leaves on top.  But I apparently forgot to take note of what polishes I used, so I’m not quite sure what I’ve got here.  I am almost positive that the green holo is Different Dimension Imperium Sine Fine and the brown is Zoya Louise, but who knows?




It’s kind of boring but, well, so is fall in central Florida.  So it’s fitting, right? 🙂

SIMPLES Week 11-Gradients

With all of the more intricate nail art that I have been doing for challenges lately, it’s almost a relief to get back to basics with a mani for the SIMPLES group.  Debbie’s lesson for this week is gradients, which is a type of nail art that can sort of be hit and miss for me.  I tend to love gradients, but there are some that I have done in the past that I just plain disliked.  I also have to admit that although using a makeup sponge is the easiest method for me, I am increasingly liking my results with watercolor and drybrush gradients because they usually flow together more smoothly.  Today, though, is a sponged gradient.

I used Kleancolor Pastel Blue, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, and Zoya Sailor for my accent nail, and the rest have a gradient made with Zoya Louise, OPI A-Piers to Be Tan, and Barry M Lychee.  Since it is the way I  normally do this, I used what Debbie calls the ‘choppy’ (or ‘sloppy’) method of making a gradient, where you don’t blend the colors at all before putting them on the sponge.




I am kind of iffy on these.  I usually like brown and blue together, but these shades don’t go together as well as I would have liked.  Looking at them individually though, the gradients turned out really well.  Especially the blue nail.

Switching gears completely, I want to remind everyone that my move to England is happening in three days.  And now that I’m caught up on SIMPLES, I am going to pack away the last of my polishes and nail art supplies, so there very likely won’t be anything up on the blog for at least a week.  A break like that is nothing new for me I guess, but I just thought I would offer a little warning this time.  🙂