Dragon Ball Z nails!

I don’t know how time keeps slipping by so fast, but it’s already been about a month since my last post!  So much for keeping up with my posts, huh?  But I am yet again trying to get back into the swing of things by going back to my nerdy nail art roots.  This time, I’ve got Dragon Ball Z nails!

Yes, I watched anime as a kid/teen.  And yes, I still do fairly often.  Dragon Ball Z was my introduction into anime, and I fell in love with it the moment I first stumbled upon the Namek saga on Toonami as a kid.  And even now as an adult, Gohan holds the position of my favorite character (followed by Piccolo in a VERY close second).

So when my sleep-deprived mind decided to do DBZ nails at 3am, Gohan was my first thought.  Only…I was sleep deprived.  So I didn’t put as much effort into things as I probably should have.




I honestly don’t know what I was thinking trying this.  I’ve never been able to draw anime characters, so I don’t know why I thought painting a tiny Gohan on my fingernail was a good idea.  Although I do have to say, he might have actually looked like Super Saiyan 2 Gohan if I had given him a bigger forehead.  I also sort of lost patience painting the stars on the dragon balls too, but you get the picture. 😛

For all my complaints though, I do like how this turned out.  It’s been a while since I freehanded something detailed, and I hope I do it again soon.  Maybe I need a good challenge to motivate me…

OMD3 Day 25-Weather

I obviously was not able to finish the OMD3 challenge in July, but I’m still going to get as many up by the deadline on the 5th as I can.  There’s a good chance I won’t get all of the remaining prompts done, but I’m going to try my best.

Anyway…I’m from Florida, so summers for me are typically full of thunderstorms.  But as much as it rains here in England, it doesn’t actually storm very often.  In fact, I’ve lived in England for nearly two (non-consecutive) years now, and I only heard thunder for the first time at the beginning of July.  I got so excited, I was legitimately freaking out (in a good way).  I threw my curtains open and turned my lights off and just sat there staring at the rain and grinning every time lightning forked across the sky.  Fun fact: This was actually the first time one of my British friends had ever seen forked lightning.

Anyway, lightning nails were sort of the obvious choice for my weather nails.




I like them.  They’re nothing fancy, but they still look good.  They’re definitely better than my last two attempts at lightning too, which were for my Mjolnir nail art and for the OMD2 challenge Outdoors prompt last year.  Neither of those were very good.

OMD3 Day 15-Cat

So…OMD3’s Day 15 prompt is ‘Cat’.  Yeah, I wasn’t excited about this one.  I don’t like cats.  I don’t hate them or anything, but I’m definitely a dog person.  So I really struggled to find something that I actually wanted to do for this one.  My favorite idea was the Catbus from My Neighbor Totoro, but it would have been really hard.  Instead I did Luna from Sailor Moon!

And just like with yesterday’s fish theme, I picked a base polish that fits the prompt too.  For today, it was LynBDesigns Dinah, inspired by Dinah from Alice in Wonderland.  This polish is much more blue than I was expecting from the swatches I looked at, but I love it nonetheless.  And it worked as a nice background for Luna.




She turned out to be more difficult to paint than I thought she would be, but I got her done.  Despite the somewhat messy details, she looks like she’s supposed to and I’m happy about that!

OMD3 Day 14-Fish

I never thought that I would ever do a fish themed mani and actually like it, but this one is actually kind of pretty.  Since I also did my Day 13 book themed nail art before today’s prompt, my mind sort of connected the fish and book prompts and came up with The Rainbow Fish.  And as if it was fate, I also got my first ever nail vinyls in the mail today, and mermaid/fish scales were among them.

This mani also features a polish that sort of fits the theme too: the ever lovely original formula of Sally Hansen Pacific Blue.  I filled in the other colored scales in by hand.




I think it looks kind of awesome.  Almost as good as the Rainbow Fish himself!  And it made me love how easy nail vinyls are.  I have no idea why I didn’t try them before!

OMD3 Day 13-Book

I’m a day late on this one!  I was in York all day yesterday and passed out as soon as I got home.  But I decided to play catch-up before moving on to the next prompt.

Charlotte’s Web is a book I never read as a kid, and still haven’t as an adult.  So at first it sort of confused me when it was the first book that came to mind when I saw the prompt.  Then I realized when I reached into my fridge for a beer that it popped into my head because Wilbur’s Boozy Breakfast has been on the brain a lot recently.  Wilbur’s Boozy Breakfast just so happens to be a maple bacon bourbon beer that my friends and I brewed, and I just finished up the label design last week.  So yeah, that’s the reasoning behind my book choice!




For all the trouble that this gave me, it turned out nicely.  Wilbur doesn’t look exactly like the pig from the cartoon movie, but that’s okay because this nail art is supposed to be based on the book anyway. Plus I think he still looks good!

OMD3 Day 6-Polka dots

Dots!  Anyone who’s ever glanced at this blog probably knows I love dotticures, so of course I was happy to see this prompt!  Plus, not too long ago I saw this awesome pond mani by Manicured and Marvelous, and I’ve been wanting to try it out.  So layers of white dots and jelly polish (Essie Meet Me at Sunset, in my case).





Doesn’t it look awesome?  Not as good as the mani that inspired it, but still pretty.  Why have I never tried out this technique before?  It’s a little time consuming, but is also incredibly easy.  And hard to mess up. 😛

OMD3 Day 2-Peach

Wow, today is a weird one.  Color-wise, at least.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted today’s mani to focus on the color peach or the fruit and so combined them.  Ummm…the yellow-orange of an actual peach apparently does not go well with the pale pinkness of the color peach.

I used Serum No 5 Atomic Peach and Essie Bikini So Teeny as my nail colors, and mixed a handle of others for my peach daiquiri.




Weird combo right?  At least Bikini So Teeny works well with both and sort of ties them together.  This mani does make me want a peach daiquiri though…