Fall in Florida-autumn leaves nail art

Since fall is coming to a close–and has most definitely given way to winter here in northern England–I thought that I would post one more autumn look.  An extremely simple stamping job, originally done for the CYNA Halloween challenge but never posted.  The theme was leaves and missing home as I am, I decided to put a Florida spin on it.

Back where I live in Florida, we don’t get much of a fall.  The leaves tend to go straight from green to brown to gone, with only the occasional red or yellow making an appearance.  So I used a green holo base color and stamped some brown leaves on top.  But I apparently forgot to take note of what polishes I used, so I’m not quite sure what I’ve got here.  I am almost positive that the green holo is Different Dimension Imperium Sine Fine and the brown is Zoya Louise, but who knows?




It’s kind of boring but, well, so is fall in central Florida.  So it’s fitting, right? 🙂

OMD3 Day 11-Leaves

Cutting it a little close tonight!  I really wanted to post on time (for my time zone), so I kept today’s nail art extraordinarily simple: a leafy vine crawling across my nails.  My background is LynBDesigns Fishing With No Bait, and my vine and leaves were made with OPI A-Piers to be Tan, China Glaze Gaga for Green, and SquareHue Leblon.




I don’t really have much to say about this one.  I like it, but there’s not a lot to it 😛

CYNA All Things Blue challenge, Day 3-Windy Weather

Good afternoon, everybody!  Today’s prompt for the CYNA All Things Blue theme is ‘Windy Weather’ and is probably the prompt that I was most excited about.  My original idea was to have a cloud-guy blowing air across my nails, but after Googling ‘wind’ to get an image reference, I saw a tree with its leaves being blown off and the thought “I’m a leaf on the wind” immediately came to mind.  I sort of froze and had a “wow, I’m stupid” moment, and decided to take this nail art in a slightly nerdier direction.  I know it’s not strictly windy weather, but it’s close enough!  So, Firefly/Serenity nail art!

Once I started thinking about this idea, I realized I also have Lucky 13 Lacquer A Leaf on the Wind.  It was one of my earliest indie purchases, actually, and I got sort of excited to wear it for a challenge that fits it so well.  It’s a pretty sky blue polish with silver microglitters and small light green hexagon glitters.  I love it because it incorporates two of my favorite colors without being too in-your-face.  It was also good in 2 coats and despite sitting on my shelf for the year or so, I didn’t have to fish for glitters (which is a plus in my book because I didn’t even shake the bottle well).  I used Kleancolor Black and China Glaze Gaga for Green for art itself.





I almost made an attempt at adding Serenity to one of the nails, but then I looked at the two nails I had done, and I thought it would be a good idea to leave it as is (no pun intended).  In my opinion it’s a fantastic follow-up message to the autism awareness prompt from yesterday.  Plus I like the simplicity of it.

And just to show A Leaf on the Wind on its own, here are some swatch photos!




Seriously though, I like this mani so much that I think I’m going to wear it for a few days.  What a great way to finish off a challenge!

OMD2 challenge-3D

As I said in my last post, I am not very happy about this particular challenge.  I don’t own any 3D nail art elements aside from a handful of rhinestones (in a single color), and I really really did not want to make anything out of acrylic.  That’s just a pain because I cannot get acrylic powder to work correctly.  So I stretched the theme and did ‘leaf’ nail art with 3D dewdrops.




Well, the dewdrops are technically 3D.  They don’t stand out a whole heck of a lot, but they do still count.  It actually looks kind of cool, especially in the angled shots.  Much better than the least time I tried this.  The dew is made with a slightly dried out top coat, dotted onto the leaf.  The leaf is made with China Glaze Gaga for Green and Sinful Colors Exotic Green, and the glitter nails are China Glaze Sour Apple over Gaga for Green.

In retrospect, I could have tried out ellagee What’s With the Glasses?, which is a polish based on the 3D glasses that the Tenth Doctor wears in Doomsday.   I am glad that that I didn’t think of it until after I had finished this though, because I do like my dewdrops.

For the next challenge I will be doing ikat nails, a first for me!