ALIQUID Lacquer Hipster Doofus + spring nail art

I would love to open this post by saying that spring is in the air, but I don’t think it really is.  It’s still kind of cold here, although there has at least been more sunshine lately.  Or maybe spring really is in the air, but I can’t tell because I’m a Floridian in northern England. 😛

Either way, there was a spring mani contest going on over at the Rainbow Connection Facebook fan page (RC Junkies) a few days ago, and I thought I’d try my hand at it.  My first thought was to do something with ALIQUID Lacquer Hipster Doofus, since I’ve been wanting to use it for a while now.  I thought I’d pair it with a pink creme and a metallic silver (I even had them on my nails already), but then I read the fine print and noticed that I had to use at least one polish that I had bought from Rainbow Connection.  Unfortunately, I only had one ‘spring’ color at the time.  Fortunately, that happened to be Smitten Polish Whiskey in the Jar, which actually matched up with Hipster Doofus pretty well.

So I ended up putting Whiskey in the Jar over OPI My Signature is DC, and to make the pink holo too I put a coat of ILNP Paige over OPI Suzi Nails New Orleans.  Then I added dots over both.  And to add a bit more of a spring touch I stamped a flower from Uber Chic plate 1-02 to my middle finger.






The overall effect is prettier than I expected.  I knew with almost certainty that I was not going to win the contest (at the very least because I only used an RC polish on my pinky), but I don’t really care because I’m really happy with how this looks.  Hipster Doofus is as gorgeous on my nails as I hoped it would be, and look at how clean that flower is!  It is easily the best stamping I have ever done (not that I’ve done a lot).  I ended up wearing this for three days before taking it off!

CYNA 12 Days of Christmas, Day 4 – Ornaments

Little late with this one (local time anyway), but I haven’t really been around the house today to paint my nails.  It also took a little while to figure out what to do, but I ended up being inspired by these ornament nails by Nail Nerd.

The ever lovely LynBDesigns Eloquent Dust is my background color.  I seriously love this polish and wish I had another bottle of it.  It’s perfect both as a base for nail art and on its own, with that subtle little shimmer.  The ornaments were made with SquareHue Leblon, Joulupukin Pajakyla and Sampokeskus, and OPI My Signature is “DC” and OPI With a Nice Finnish.




And here’s one with flash, just to try and show off the shimmer of Eloquent Dust!


I wish I had gone with bigger dots, but I think this is a nice mani even with the smaller ornaments.  Opposite of how my nail art normally turns out, this one actually looks even better in the photos than it does in real life.

This was really easy to do too, since it’s just dots.  I might recreate this for my nails on Christmas Day, actually.  With different polishes of course, since I’ll be going home in less than a week! 😀

OMD3 Day 29-#mynailsandmydrink

This one should have been a pretty straightforward one for me.  I only have two types of cups in my kitchen—melamine red Solo cups and a plastic mason jar glass—so I thought for sure one of those would be the inspiration for this mani.  But…I just so happened to be drinking a beer with a label that lent itself to nail art.  So this fantastic chocolatey stout was the basis for my mani for the Day 29 prompt.






I love this mani!  Especially that donut.  I really wanted some Krispy Kreme donuts after painting it.   Actually…the only thing that I can think of that I don’t like about this mani is the fact that I don’t own a proper magenta polish and so my color is a little off.  But honestly, who cares?

OMD3 Day 28-Princess

I am especially sad that I didn’t have the time to do my original idea for this one!  I really wanted to to a Super Smash Bros style Peach versus Zelda showdown.  But I wouldn’t have been able to do justice to the necessary level of detail for that, so did some Tangled-inspired nails instead.  Rapunzel’s hair flowing across the nails, plus the kingdom’s sun crest.

And I have to say, Renaissance Cosmetics Kensington was the perfect choice of polish for the background color!  Purple/violet is sort of the color associated with Rapunzel (since both her dress and the kingdom’s flag are shades of it) and Kensington has that nice gold shimmer to tie in to the nail art itself.Day-28-Princess-Rapunzel-nails-1



These turned out much better than I expected.  I didn’t think they would look bad, just maybe a bit boring with just some golden hair flowing across my nails.  That’s why I added the sun.  It was a good element to add, I think.  Very happy with this nail art. 🙂

OMD3 Day 27-Wings

I had so many ideas for this prompt—chibi Castiel, bats, dragons, Navi, Charizard, any other winged Pokemon, a penguin trying to fly—but I thought that I should keep it simple and quick since I’m already straying into August now.  So I did a few Golden Snitches from Harry Potter.






I don’t really like this.  The wings are hard to see and I forgot to do the designs on the balls themselves.  I’m sad that I didn’t have the time to do one of my more interesting ideas, because this one is sort of plain and boring.  But I think I’ll probably revisit some of those ideas eventually, after I’m done with the OMD3 challenge and once I’m no longer sick of doing nail art. 😛

OMD3 Day 14-Fish

I never thought that I would ever do a fish themed mani and actually like it, but this one is actually kind of pretty.  Since I also did my Day 13 book themed nail art before today’s prompt, my mind sort of connected the fish and book prompts and came up with The Rainbow Fish.  And as if it was fate, I also got my first ever nail vinyls in the mail today, and mermaid/fish scales were among them.

This mani also features a polish that sort of fits the theme too: the ever lovely original formula of Sally Hansen Pacific Blue.  I filled in the other colored scales in by hand.




I think it looks kind of awesome.  Almost as good as the Rainbow Fish himself!  And it made me love how easy nail vinyls are.  I have no idea why I didn’t try them before!

OMD3 Day 12-Watermelon

I love watermelons!  They’re the perfect summer fruit to include in a July challenge!  I didn’t really have a problem at all figuring out what I wanted to do today: sideways French with an accent of a French tip.  I used OPI Sorry I’m Fizzy Today, China Glaze Gaga for Green, Sinful Colors Pistache, FingerPaints Paper Mache, and Kleancolor Black.




(Flash…The color quality is better in this one than the others)


The problem with watermelons is that they’re a pain in the butt to paint.  The seeds are anyway.  It genuinely bothers me that they’re different shapes and sizes (and that they smeared).  But that does not change the fact that I love how this mani turned out!  The accent nail is surprisingly my favorite.  I might redo that on all of my nails after this challenge is over.