CYNA 12 Days of Christmas, Day 1 – Silver and gold

And so starts another CYNA challenge!  This month it is centered around Christmas and just like the Halloween challenge back in October, I am meant to be posting a mani every other day leading up to Christmas.

The first prompt of the month is ‘Silver and Gold’.  Nothing could compare to the Yukon Cornelius nails I did for the prompt last year, so I kept it simple this year.  I chose to do a blobbicure with Celestial Cosmetics Incendiary and NailNation 3000 Light Up the Night.




(And here’s one with more direct lighting, which shows a bit more contrast between the colors)


This blobbicure actually worked out really well, which was a nice surprise.  Normally the technique doesn’t work quite right for me and so I get really thick nails, but the worst I had this time around was a little bit of merging of blobs.  Does anyone else see the resulting smiley clown face on my middle finger? 😀

CYNA 12 Days of Christmas, Day 3 – Silver and gold glitter

Okay, so Day 3’s prompt is silver and gold glitter.  It’s a Christmas challenge and I have a silver and gold prompt.  You have to know where I’m going with this right?

That’s right, Yukon Cornelius.  If you don’t know who this guy is, then you didn’t have a childhood.  Or, you know, don’t watch Christmas movies.  Either way, you’re missing out.

Anyway, silver and gold glitters aren’t something I own a lot of, so my choices were limited.  I ended up trying to make a gradient with Sally Hansen Golden-I and Kleancolor Silver Spark, but it just wasn’t glittery.  So I added 365 Days of Color The Goblet and Kleancolor Silver Glitter over top.  And then I painted Yukon Cornelius for my accent nail.




This guy looked so bad while I was painting him, but he actually ended up looking pretty good!  Very happy with how this mani turned out, if only because I like this guy so much.